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The Pokemon Go wristband for pro collectors: GO-TCHA!

You’re a Pokémon Go enthusiast and don’t want to miss a single Pokémon? Then I’ve got news for you!

When I walk through town, I occasionally spot young people playing Pokémon Go. They’re usually hooked up to a powerbank, app opened and checking out the Pokémon universe in full collector mode. According to the manufacturer, the GO-TCHA Pokémon Go wristband now presents a further possibility to play Pokémon Go.

What’s so genius about the Go-Tcha wristband?

The Go-Tcha wristband automatically notifies you of anything worth catching (items and Pokémon). All you need to do is keep an eye on and click on your wristband – much smarter than staring at your phone’s screen all the time, right?

The Auto Collect feature even allows you to catch all items and Pokémon without clicking on the wristband. Prefer the ultimate collecting experience or catching everything that gets into your way?

Whichever one you choose – this is a great gadget for all Pokémon Go fans who'd rather go easy on their phone battery and their fingers without missing out on any Pokémon. After all, it's all about collecting, isn't it?

  • Pokemon Go GO-TCHA touch wristband
  • Pokemon Go GO-TCHA touch wristband
  • Pokemon Go GO-TCHA touch wristband
EUR 36,50
Pokemon Go GO-TCHA touch wristband
This wristband will help you become the best possible Pokemon Go trainer.


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