Best Roko products in the Camera straps category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Roko products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Roko PCH-02

Intense red hand strap made of single braided paracord 550 nylon rope. Makes working with the video or photo camera more comfortable and safe, relieves the hand and also looks smart. Can also be attached to small eyelets via a key ring. 

2. Roko PCG-01

Super robust camera strap made of braided Paracord 550 nylon rope. The conservative and neutral black colour matches very well with numerous cameras and camcorders. Attachment is via key rings and is therefore also possible in very small eyelets. 

3. Roko PCG-04

Single braided camera strap made of Paracord 550 nylon rope. Extremely robust, high-quality workmanship and a beautiful green colour. Can also be attached to small camera eyelets via key rings. 

4. Roko PCH-01

Neutral black hand strap made of Paracord 550 nylon rope with simple braiding for extreme tensile strength. Mounts with a key ring in the strap eyelet of a video or photo camera and makes working safer and more comfortable. 

5. Roko PCH-05

Super robust hand strap for photo and video cameras with eyelet for shoulder strap attachment. Also fits into very small eyelets due to the key ring and makes working with the camera more comfortable and safer. Made of two extremely robust Paracord 550 ropes in red and blue, which are interwoven alternately. 

6. Roko PCG-02

High-quality camera strap made of Paracord 550 nylon rope. Single braided for extreme tensile strength and dyed red for an intense colour accent on your camera. Attaches via key rings and also fits into eyelets with small holes. 

7. Roko M3166

Robust steel screw with 1/4 inch thread and built-in eyelet (hole) for attaching snap hooks or straps. Can be used to attach shoulder straps to cage, monitor or rig for comfortable transport. Made entirely of steel, with rubber washer. 

8. Roko PCH-03

Super robust hand strap made of two interwoven Paracord 550 nylon ropes in red and black. Fits photo and video cameras, even with a small eyelet, as it is attached via a key ring. Takes the strain off the hand and makes working with the camera safer and more comfortable. 

9. Roko PCH-04

High quality hand strap for photo cameras. Made of single braided olive-green paracord 550 nylon rope. Can also be attached to small eyelets via the key ring and provides more safety and comfort when working with the camera. Tightens without tools or button pushing on the arm.