Best Saramonic products in the Microphone accessories category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Saramonic products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Saramonic Lc-xlr

Saramonic LC-XLR allows you to connect a professional XLR microphone to your iOS device. Compatible with: Output: Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with Lightningconnector and support for iOS 9.3.5 or higher Input: Self-powered condenser XLR microphone and dynamic XLR microphone. 

2. Saramonic Sr-pmc1

The Saramonic SR-PMC1 is a high-quality adapter cable that allows you to record audio directly to Apple iPhones & iPads or Android smartphones & tablets with a 1/8"(3.5mm) headphone jack from Saramonic's UwMic9, UwMic10 & UwMic15 wireless systems, powered microphones (like the Vmic), or almost any device with a 1/8" (3.5mm) audio output. 

3. Saramonic VmicLink5 TX&TX&TX&RX

VmicLink5 represents the next generation of digital wireless systems. It uses the new 5.8 GHz transmission technology to transmit high quality audio and is ableto constantly monitor and switch between frequencies to maintain the strongest signal level at a range of up to 30 meters. VmicLink5 RX Portable Receiver The Saramonic VmicLink5 RX is a camera mountable integrated wireless receiver. It features an easy-to-read LCD display and DigRF synchronization between transmitter and receiver. The selectable output mode allows you to choose the output signal as mono or stereo. VmicLink5 TX Pocket Transmitter The VmicLink5 TX is a compact transmitter that uses a crystal-controlled PLL synthesizer. It is equipped with a muting function and lockable mic and line input jacks. One receiver can work with up to three transmitters simultaneously, making it a useful and flexible tool for audio recording, DSLR video, field recording, filmmaking, broadcast &TV, Electric News Collecting (ENG), on-site interviews, sound design and more. 

4. Saramonic Sr-msm500


5. Saramonic SR-AX100

A built-in shoe mount on the base lets you attach the AX100 to your camera, and a 1/4-20 tripod thread makes it possible to easily attach it to camera cages, tripodsand more. There are three 1/8" (3.5mm) (1 stereo and 2 mono) inputs on the back of the AX100 for connecting battery-powered microphones and wireless microphone receivers. The two attenuator knobs on the front of the AX100 make it easy to adjust the levels of the microphones that are plugged in, and the knobs feature stepped indents for precise adjustments. A Mono/Stereo switch lets you control how the microphones are recorded to your camera. Stereo mode separates the audio into individual left and right channels on your camera, perfect for getting two separate mic signals to mix in post-production. In Mono mode, they are mixed together which is useful when you have two mics plugged in, but you want the audio mixed to both left and right channels in your camera.

The top and sides of the AX100 feature durable shoe mounts, which acts as a bracket that transforms the single shoe on your camera into three, giving you convenient places to confidently mount lights, microphones, and wireless receivers. The AX100 is so small and lightweight that you can easily bring it with you everywhere you go, and its all-metal construction means it's built like a tank and prepared for travel.

Please note: Microphones that do not run on batteries are not compatible.

6. Saramonic C-xlr


7. Saramonic C-xlr+


8. Saramonic LC-C35

Whether you use an older Apple device that has a headphone jack, or a newer model that doesn’t have one, the input that offers the best sound quality is the Lightningport — and the LC-C35 gives you the ability to fully utilize it. This cable is compact, lightweight, requires no batteries or charging, and features a coiled section so it can extend when needed.

The LC-C35 provides true stereo sound and a wide, 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response. A built-in high-quality DeltaSigma analog-to-digital converter delivers the highest possible audio quality. The Lightning side of the cable is Apple Certified Connector, and the gold-plated locking 1/8“ (3.5 mm) male connector on the other end is compatible with both locking 1/8“ (3.5mm) outputs and standard, non-locking jacks.

9. Saramonic WM4C-C35

The WM4C-C35 features gold-plated 3.5mm connectors and measures 6 (152.4mm) coiled but can be extend to up to 762mm when stretched. Perfect for on-camera use withany 3.5mm output devices into a DSLR, Mirrorless or Video Cameras. It features gold-plated 3.5mm connectors and measures 152.4mm coiled but can extend to up to 762mm when stretched. Perfect for on-camera use with any 3.5mm output devices into a DSLR, Mirrorless or Video Cameras. 

10. Saramonic Sr-c2000