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1. Sonos Roam charging station

Easily recharge your mobile speaker with this specially designed Wireless magnetic charger. Just hold your speaker near the charging station and it will magnetically connect to the charging station and charge in an instant. 

2. Flexson Power cable

The Flexson 5m power cable is the ultimate accessory. The cable gives you more positioning options for your Sonos speakers. Available in black or white to match your speaker. The 5m power cable is ideal for the Flexson stands and replaces the existing cable. 

3. Goobay Speaker switch box

Loudspeaker pairs can be operated individually or together
colour-coded terminal connections up to Ø 2.5 mm²
up to max. 200 W loadable for all outputs

4. Bose Portable Home Speaker Docking

The optional charging cradle ensures that your speaker's battery is charged when not in use. And it even lets you listen to music while it's charging. The charger is available in black or silver. The speaker is sold separately.

Compatible with the Bose Portable Home Speaker. Ensures that your speaker is always charged and ready for use. Serves as a convenient storage station for your speaker. Enables music to be played while charging.

5. Oehlbach Mini Spike Set

High-quality mini spike that functions as a vibration damper and serves for the acoustic decoupling of smaller loudspeaker cabinets. They reliably prevent the transmission of unwanted resonance frequencies from the respective housing to the standing surface. 

6. Flexson 3 in 1 Travel Cover for Sonos Roam

Ie Flexson Mountable Travel Cover is designed to optimize the portability of the Sonos Roam without compromising sound quality. It offers rugged protection and multiple mounting and hanging options. With well-positioned openings, the protective cover protects against bumps and knocks at home and while traveling, and allows for easy charging. The carabiner, included brackets and Velcro straps give you flexible options for placing the Sonos Roam where you want it - on the road or at home. The Flexson Travel Cover is the perfect complement to the Sonos Roam. 

7. Inakustik Star XL Absorber Set

Shock absorbers made of a specially developed rubber compound for effective and broadband vibration damping in sensitive hi-fi equipment such as CD players, turntables, amplifiers or even bookshelf speakers. In addition, the damping frequencies are 

8. Oehlbach Shock Absorb Plus (set of 4)

High-quality vibration damper for acoustic decoupling of high-quality hi-fi and home cinema components or loudspeakers. They reliably prevent the transmission of unwanted resonance frequencies from the respective cabinet to the base. Vibration energy is converted into heat, resulting in a controlled low frequency range and better room formation. 

9. Inakustik Excellence Bolide Shock Absorber Set of 4

The Premium Doublette in sandwich construction consists of metal discs and special rubber for optimal damping of vibrations between the equipment and the floor space. - Loadable up to 50 kg / set of 4 -> 12.5 kg/piece - diameter: 85mm- height: 30mm- colour: chrome 

10. SpeaKa Professional Wege LautsprecherUmschaltpult Klemmanschlüssen

The SpeaKa Professional 2-way speaker switcher allows you to use two pairs of speakers on one amplifier. The pairs can be switched simultaneously or separately. The metal housing, as well as two separate rocker switches, eliminate interference and a reduction in volume. The speaker pairs are attached with terminal connections. 

SpeaKa Professional Wege LautsprecherUmschaltpult Klemmanschlüssen
Speaker accessories
27,94 EUR

SpeaKa Professional Wege LautsprecherUmschaltpult Klemmanschlüssen