Apple Siri

Siri is the voice assistant from Apple. Most people will already know it from their iPhone. You can control all Siri-compatible devices from your iPhone. If you do not always have this at hand in your home, Apple also offers smart speakers. So far, however, the range is limited to the HomePod in two colors. The HomePod is not only supposed to answer questions and control your smart home, it is also supposed to be used as a standalone speaker. Its size allows for good sound quality in the process.
In addition to serving as a standalone and multi-room speaker, the HomePod also serves as an entry point into Apple's smart home world, meaning all compatible devices. For example, you can control your network camera, lamps or multrioom speakers via voice command.
The entry into the world of Siri is not cheap with the HomePod. However, it can easily control the sound in a living room or dining room. Especially for iOS users, Airplay 2 for wireless playback via Wi-Fi might be interesting.

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