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    Sous-vide sets review: 4 top sellers but I only like 2

    by Simon Balissat

Sous-vide cooking

Until some time ago, sous-vide cooking was only used in gourmet kitchens. Suitable devices were too expensive and complicated for interested private consumers. Fans swear by this method of preparation, as sous-vide cooking makes meat and other foods particularly tender, which is due to the gentle preparation. Sous-Vide stands for "cooking in a vacuum", which means that you vacuum the meat and then cook it in a water bath at moderate temperatures for a longer period of time. The difference to classic low-cooking is that you don't need an oven, and if you do, you only fry the piece of meat at the end. You can also add herbs and other spices to the vacuum bag, so the taste can unfold better. 

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