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1. Medion Battery GoPal E4230, M1100

AccuCell high performance battery suitable among others for Medion navigation device GoPal E4230, our high quality replica battery with 3.7 volts, 900-1100mAh and 4.1 Wh is suitable for the following Medion devices:MD 97120, MD 97134, MD 97187, MD 97220, MD 97239, MD 97245, MD 97276, MD 97283, MD 97284, MD 97293, MD 97316, MD 97332, MD 97414, MD 97535, MD 97630, MD 97830, MD 97940, MD 97960, MD 98090 and to the following Medion GoPal devices GoPal E4230, GoPal E4240, GoPal E4245, MD97990, GoPal E4440Thanks to the Medion replica battery from AccuCell, you can finally be guided to your destination by your navigation device without having to worry that the route guidance will stop at some point due to lack of battery power.The Li-Ion battery is made of selected brand cells, e.g. from Panasonic, Sanyo or AccuCell, which are perfectly suited for this application. We have our batteries manufactured exclusively in selected factories in Japan or China. Since we place very high value on quality, our batteries are subjected to constant quality controls and are of course protected against short circuit, overvoltage and overheating.
The replica battery for Medion replaces the following original batteries
- MD97120, MD97134, MD97187, MD97220, MD97239, MD97245, MD97276, MD97283, MD97284, MD97293, MD97316, MD97332, MD97414, MD97535, MD 97630, MD97830, MD97940, MD97960, MD98090, M1100, Medion GoPal E4230, GoPal E4240, GoPal E4245
Please note that there can be very many devices for which the battery is suitable. If you have doubts whether the battery fits for your Navi, please contact our customer service.Technical data (no original Medion battery):System: Li-Ion, Voltage: 3.7 Volt, Capacity: 900-1100mAh, 3.3 to 4.1 Wh
Dimensions approx. 50.2 x 36.5 x 5.0mm, weight 18gramsWe supply our customers in Germany already from 39.95 EUR without shipping costs, the delivery time is.

2. Medion Battery GoPal P4225, GoPal P4425, T0052

Replacement battery suitable for Medion GoPal P4225, Medion GoPal P4425,
Medion P4225 M5 and Medion P4425, the battery replaces the original
battery T0052.

replacement battery has the dimensions 53,2 x 33,9 x 5,5mm and
a voltage of 3.7 Volt. The capacity is 1100mAh, the
resulting energy content is 4.1 Wh.

Our T0052 reproduction battery is a
Li-Ion battery, the big advantage is the non-occurring memory effect.
You can charge the battery whenever you want, regardless of the
state of charge.

The GoPal P4225 battery is equipped with high quality cells, together with the integrated
cells, together with the integrated protection electronics against short circuit
short-circuit and overcharging, this battery is a good replacement
for the original battery.

Our battery is suitable for the following models:,

- Medion GoPal P4225, Medion GoPal P4425, Medion P4225 M5
and Medion P4425

and replaces the original battery

- T0052

Technical data

Voltage: 3.7 Volt Capacity: 1100mAh 4.1 Wh
System: Li-Ion
Dimensions: 53.2 x 33.9 x 5.5mm.