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1. Picooc Smart Digital Scales Mini Lite Maximum weight (capacity) 150 kg, Body Mass Index (BMI) measur

Getting to Know Your Body Diagnostics The lightweight and compact Picooc Mini Lite is a great introduction to home body diagnostics. Smart scales do not just measure weight. Using bioimpedance and a special algorithm, they determine a large set of parameters: body fat, muscle, internal fat index, body mass index, protein percentage, metabolic rate, and many more. This information will help you stay in shape, make your diets and workouts more effective. You will immediately see the result of your work! 14 Dimensions Get detailed information about your body. Body weight (kg / ideal / control) Body fat (% / kg / ideal / control) Muscle (% / kg / ideal / control) Internal fat index Basal metabolic rate (current / target / control) Water (%) Protein (%) Bone Mass Skeletal Muscle (%) Body Mass Index Metabolic Age Lean Body Weight TelaBody Rating Body Type Tracking progress The Picooc Mini Lite connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. All changes are automatically saved in the Picooc Gadget. Data is presented in the form of history, visual graphs and detailed statistics. You can read more about each of the parameters, and the color hints will instantly see which of your metrics are in a healthy range. Set a goal in the app - to gain weight, lose weight, or stay in shape - and get helpful tips on how to achieve it. Each measurement comes with Smart Assistant tips on what to look for and how to improve your shape. Get started in 5 minutes Before connecting the scales, create a new Picooc account or log in to an existing one. When creating a profile, enter your age, gender, height and nationality - this information will help the algorithm calculate your parameters when weighing. Follow the instructions in the app to connect the Picooc Mini Lite. The whole procedure will take no more than 5 minutes. The device works with 3 AAA batteries (included) and is ready for use immediately after unpacking. Trends Keep in good shape. The gadget analyzes your results and draws conclusions not only about changes in your weight, but also about the sources of those changes. A detailed report with key information is generated at the end of the month. All the information you need On the main screen of the Picooc app, you can see all the basic information you need: a change graph and a weighing history. See below in the app for more detailed measurements, tips, and explanations. Unlimited users Weigh yourself with the whole family! You can add the required number of users to the gadget. In the future, additional profiles may be independent of individual smartphones. Sports Beta A special version has been developed for professional athletes that takes into account the structural characteristics of the body being trained (high muscle mass and low fat content). This option is enabled separately in Picooc. 

Picooc Smart Digital Scales Mini Lite Maximum weight (capacity) 150 kg, Body Mass Index (BMI) measur (150 kg)
Bathroom scales
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Picooc Smart Digital Scales Mini Lite Maximum weight (capacity) 150 kg, Body Mass Index (BMI) measur

150 kg