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1. Beurer SL10

A gentle light projection on the ceiling helps you to consciously perceive your breathing rhythm. Thoughts are distracted and brain activity is reduced. Pulsating light projection on the ceiling to support a conscious breathing rhythm. Selectable between red and blue light, 2 breathing techniques adjustable, 4-7-8 Yoga breathing technique (4 seconds inhale, 7 seconds hold breath, 8 seconds exhale), Relax breathing technique (4 seconds inhale, 6 seconds exhale), infinitely variable inclination adjustment, on/off by touch button, automatic switch-off (8 minutes, 20 minutes), incl. stand. 

Beurer SL10
Sleep therapy
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Beurer SL10

2. Beurer SL60

The comfortable sleep mask detects snoring in real time and stops it with gentle vibration impulses. Gentle snoring therapy for a restful night To reduce snoring For weak to heavy snorers Easy to use Gentle snoring therapy through real-time snoring detection by recording sounds and structure-borne noise Immediate elimination of snoring through vibration impulses, for opening the airways Mask washable Length adjustable Battery operation Precise snoring analysis Snoring behavior at a glance (number of snorers per hour) Display and graphic representation of data (day/week/year) Determination of maximum snoring volume Individually adjustable (e.g. (e.g. max. impulse intensity) Incl. charging cable Full use only with the "beurer Sleepquiet" app Free download of the "beurer Sleepquiet" app 

3. Beurer ISL 72

Stop annoying snoring at night - the snore stopper recognises snorers in real time and remedies them directly with gentle sound or vibration impulses. The accompanying "beurer SleepQuiet" app is easy to use and provides a precise analysis of your snoring behaviour. 

4. Beurer SL40

Snorers are particularly active in the supine position. The snoring belt therefore detects when you are lying in the supine position and sends small electrical impulses. These unconsciously encourage you to change your position. Ensure quiet and snoreless nights. 

5. Beurer ISL 62 | Snore stopper