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  • Behind the scenesSustainability

    How our After Sales team gives products a second life

  • Background informationSustainability

    Short on sockets: why living in an old apartment building is stopping me from saving electricity

  • News + TrendsSport

    Profits flow into environmental protection: Patagonia founder transfers his company to foundations

  • Background informationSustainability

    Find out how long your food will keep in the freezer

  • Behind the scenesInterior

    Facing the energy shortage with solar panels and power stations

  • ReportSustainability

    Why mushrooms have what it takes to be a meat substitute - and can save the world at the same time

  • OpinionSustainability

    Caked bike, clear mind – how exercise helps me stay sane

  • Behind the scenesSmart home

    Europe braces for an energy crisis

  • Company newsSustainability

    Hamburg becomes top Galaxus climate clicker in Germany

  • Behind the scenesSustainability

    Projekt Restwert: worth its weight in gold

  • Behind the scenesSustainability

    Insetting: revolutionising rice cultivation with offset payments

  • Company newsSustainability

    Our carbon crash diet: time to shed half the weight

  • News + TrendsSustainability

    Solar panels could bring rain to dry coasts

  • PortraitLighting

    Products’ second lives can be far more beautiful than their first

  • New to our rangeB2B

    Save on printing - but not on quality! The sustainable business solution from Epson

  • Company newsSustainability

    SBTi: achieving net zero CO2 emissions under scientific supervision

  • News + TrendsSport

    Sustainability also on the trail

  • News + TrendsHome

    Clothes dryers apparently emit masses of microplastics

  • News + TrendsSecurity

    Fairphone 4 Murena: The sustainable Android smartphone without Google

  • Background informationSmart home

    Expo 2020: sustainability and mobility in the desert

  • Behind the scenesSustainability

    Climate neutrality: digitec Galaxus will be at zero emissions starting 2022

  • Background informationE-mobility

    «In Switzerland, there’s no reason not to drive electric»

  • Shopping guideE-mobility

    E-mobility: how to find the home charger that’s right for you

  • Behind the scenesSustainability

    «Climate protection calls for innovation»

  • New to our rangeE-mobility

    Wallbox – smart car charging for your home

  • Background informationSustainability

    A mobile's final journey (part 3): from Europe to the landfills of West Africa


Sustainability is the principle of consuming no more than can either regrow, regenerate or be made available again.