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    5 ways to packagevouchers more imaginativelyat the last minute

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    Amore beautiful gift: a package with a "secret compartment" to copy

  • Product presentationArts and crafts

    Express wood glue from Ponal: The smell makes the difference

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    Tips from our editors: the greatest gift for handicraft hobbyists

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    Germans buy three times as many charging stations for electric cars in 2021

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    An emotions clock for children

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    «Not through the roses!» How robotic mowers find their way around the garden

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    Hunting season in the Grisons: scouting for clues in the Calanca Valley

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    Charging electric cars in the comfort of your home – Wallbox makes it possible

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    100 pages of Galaxus: our products in DIY + Garden

  • New to our rangeArts and crafts

    Lawn care this spring – get the right products

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    Inklay: a low-power DIY display perfect for any cyclist

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    Part 2: DIY attractive cable solutions

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    How to prepare your robot lawnmower for hibernation

  • Background informationArts and crafts

    Part 1: DIY attractive cable solutions

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    Create your own knotted plant hanger

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    Galaxus adds 100,000 DIY and garden products to the shop

Arts and crafts

Our editorial team doesn't just play with craft items like PlayMais and ironing beads, but goes one step further. Here you'll find DIY instructions, detailed reviews and exciting background stories about crafting.

You've come to the right place in the craft section if you want to know which cutting plotter prints the best gift vouchers, what you can make out of a toilet roll or how to make your own paper with your children.

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