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  • ReviewGarden

    Economical and smart: the computer now waters my garden

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    Why do mosquitos prefer biting certain people?

  • Know-howGarden

    Sheets, nets, chemicals – watery fun in the garden is keeping this amateur pool boy on his toes

  • Product presentationDecoration

    Pia’s Picks: hard exterior, bright core

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    Are you doing barbecues right?

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    Fighting fungus gnats and their ilk – how to sterilise soil in an oven or microwave

  • Product presentationLighting

    Pia’s Picks: love lights for your garden

  • ReviewHome

    Scrub, brush, wipe, repeat – I spent two hours cleaning my barbecue

  • Background informationGarden

    This is how Gardena wants to "go green" - and you have it in your hands

  • Background informationGarden

    «Nettoyer au Karcher»: how high-pressure cleaning became a political issue in France

  • ReviewGarden

    The battery cooler from Metabo or with airplane noise to the cool glass of white wine

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    Ready for the barbecue season? Weber brand barbecue products new from stock

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    Express wood glue from Ponal: The smell makes the difference

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    Tips from our editors: the greatest gift for handicraft hobbyists

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    Germans buy three times as many charging stations for electric cars in 2021

  • Background informationArts and crafts

    «Not through the roses!» How robotic mowers find their way around the garden

  • ReportArts and crafts

    Hunting season in the Grisons: scouting for clues in the Calanca Valley

  • New to our rangeArts and crafts

    Charging electric cars in the comfort of your home – Wallbox makes it possible

  • New to our rangeArts and crafts

    100 pages of Galaxus: our products in DIY + Garden

  • New to our rangeArts and crafts

    Lawn care this spring – get the right products

  • Know-howRobotics

    How to prepare your robot lawnmower for hibernation

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    Create your own knotted plant hanger

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    Galaxus adds 100,000 DIY and garden products to the shop


Whether you have a green thumb or two left hands, everyone will find the right content here. The English lawn is covered just as much as the wild flower meadow, the watering can just as much as the smart irrigation system. We take you with us on our journey to your own balcony tomato plant, to the best lawn mower or to tidying on the terrace. As individual as the aesthetic demands on the square metres around the home are, so individual are we as editors. Only in the case of the rock garden do we all agree: never.

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