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  • ReviewDIY

    IXO 7 from Bosch in the test: The cordless screwdriver for gadget fans

  • News + TrendsDIY

    Furniture with Swiss army knife approach

  • ReviewGarden

    The battery cooler from Metabo or with airplane noise to the cool glass of white wine

  • Background informationDIY

    Why does the contact protection on power strips jam so often?

  • Background informationDIY

    Why do tape measures have little black diamonds on them?

  • Shopping guideDIY

    Portable power stations: which models spark joy?

  • ReportDIY

    Mask carving: living tradition from Sarganserland

  • Know-howHome

    Compressed air: unexpected solution for a clogged drain


Tool Time! No matter whether you need a new drill, saw or simply a double metre, we have the range - and the texts to go with it. Here on this page you'll find guides, product tests, background articles, as well as reports and portraits on the subject. Between power stations and 2-component glue, a shingle maker tells you about life on the roofs of Switzerland, or a mask carver from Sarganserland tells you about meditative cutting with a knife. Because it is not (only) the electricity that brings the machines to life, but the people who use them.

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