Core i9-10980XE (LGA 2066, 3 GHz, 18 -Core)
EUR 1032,54
Intel Core i9-10980XE (LGA 2066, 3 GHz, 18 -Core)

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For this series you need to take a X299 motherboard like those :

For the memory it's up to you but those card can support until 256Go for the highest models and can reach a frequency of DDR4-4266Hz if you overclock it.

The two middle range models can have DDR4-2666Hz and can also reach 4266Hz if OC. (Standard is 2666Hz) With 256Go of RAM. For the quantity it's depend of what you may need.

For exemple :

- Games, photos : 32Go
- Video, music, 3D : 32-128Go

The main difference will be into the connections, Bluetooth..

User bpelkl
User yvesgeiser