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Versa H15 (mATX, Mini ITX)
Thermaltake Versa H15 (mATX, Mini ITX)


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    Boîtier mini-Tower idéal popur un PC de bureau

    un boîtier assez compact idéal pour PC de bureau, refroidissement parfait avec un seul ventilateur


    • compact
    • assez de baies dont une 5.25 CD/DVD
    • ports frontaux audio et USB
  • 1557de2784161fa9d4c0a249d095eb08359deda32b0e9515da2439c2a4235deb

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    Cute, small case, functional, but not perfect

    The case is super light, build quality is good, everything aligns, good paint job, no sharp edges, tool-less features, etc. No complains really.

    Minor complains:

    1 - I would prefer for 2 USB 3 ports in the front. Also,
    I think the audio ports are unnecessary, but that is just me using external audio. I just cut the cables.

    2 - The PSU, if flipped, can be screwed in without issues (there are holes for this), but some PSUs mains socket might be obstructed by a bit of metal at the right, there should be a bigger opening for that.

    3. Optical drive bay, imho unnecessary, and the space would be better utilized to put more attention to airflow and cable management from motherboard.

    4. When all fans are installed, that is: 2 front intake, 2 top exhaust, and 1 back exhaust, that creates a negative pressure situation, which is not great. Wish there was more balance, i.e. by removing ODD and allowing 3rd intake fans on the front, or a 2 side fans for GPU so overall there is positive pressure.

    Without this minor issues (especially number 2, which is just a design error!), it would be 5 stars and full recommendation.

    Cable management cut-outs are really designed for mini-ITX and FlexATX, they will not be very useful in micro ATX system.

    The metal is thin but functional. Still due to big cut-outs in the motherboard tray it does bend a bit. A thicker material, less holes or ribs would help, but installing a motherboard with all standoffs will also work pretty ok.

    The included fan, is bit silly, but actually of really good quality and quiet. It comes with 3-pin motherboard header.

    There are no fatal flaws with this case, and it does the job very well. When I was selecting the cases, I was not looking for a cheap case (my budget was 180 CHF just for the case), but something functional, small, and ticking various functional aspects. No other case achieved that, but this one did (there is one prototype case that is better, but it is not out yet). I would buy it again


    • Compact and light!
    • Fits microATX nicely
    • Very light
    • Removable optical drive bay (5.2 inch) with screws
    • Nice mesh design in front with filter
    • Easy mounting of fans at the top and front and back
    • Some form of back cable management, that works pretty wel
    • Thumb screws for side panels and disk array
    • A lot of different screws (~60 total) and zip-ties provided
    • Good manual
    • Removable HDD trays to make more space
    • Possible to install water cooler or two (if you really want)
    • Bottom PSU filter (easy to slide out for cleaning)
    • Fits long GPUs
    • No RGB nonsense
    • No transparent window nonsense
    • Respectable airflow design
    • All standaoffs for full and narrow microATX and FlexATX
    • Well and securely packaged


    • Only 1 USB 3 port, wish there were two.
    • Semi-unecassary optical drive bay (5.2 inch)
    • Flipping PSU,makes mains power connector on some PSUs not fit perfectly
    • One or two side fan options would be nice addition
    • The motherboard tray metal should be slightly thicker or reinforced, to be more rigid
    • The motherboard tray metal should be slightly thicker, for more reliable threads for standoffs
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    Najaaa. Lieber 20 Franken mehr ausgeben

    Zwar ein gutes Case aber hat seine Macken. You get what you pay for.


    • Design
    • preis


    • Kabelmanagment ist für *****
    • Konnte eine Motherboard-riser nicht installieren, da das Gewinde im Case kaputt war.
    • PCI Abdeckungen muss man hinausbrechen und sie sind nicht abschraubbar.