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Xperia XZ Premium (64 GB, Bronze Pink, 5.50 ", Single SIM, 19 Mpx, 4G)
Sony Xperia XZ Premium (64 GB, Bronze Pink, 5.50 ", Single SIM, 19 Mpx, 4G)


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    Meh, just ok

    I bought this phone in January 2019 to replace a very old iPhone I had. Since the step was quite big, any phone released after 2014 could feel new and better. It's been a bit more than a year I've been using this Sony then.

    I am very very disappointed in Sony with this product.

    I don't play games on my phone, I do not listen to podcast or stream movies nor music. I mostly use it for dictionaries for my studies, e-banking, exercice app/training (studies and music) and of course the basic phone functions.

    I needed the phone jack to work because I use it to study music a lot. But it simply does not function. This started after a few months of use. I have to use a third-party app to force the sound to come out of the jack when I plug in earphones. It's stupid. It also means that earphones that have a mic included cannot work, so making calls with them plugged-in is almost useless.

    Camera is also bad in my opinion. It cannot take pictures with overall sharpness. It focuses on one point et then blur the rest. I know this is something common in smartphone camera but with this Sony it's worse than with my old iPhone. For example, reading a photography of a text in a book is difficult just because it can't take a picture with an average sharpness overall. Every picture looks kind of blurred and it's automatic, can't be deactivated. On top of that, the shutter speed is so slow it makes it so easy to take even blurrier pictures.

    Fingerprint reader is also meh. Fortunately I don't use it much.

    Nevertheless, the waterproofness, the stereo sound at the front (next to the screen) and ergonomic design are fine. It might just be a bit too big for some hands (like mines).


    • waterproof
    • sound coming from the front
    • battery life


    • Jack
    • camera
  • 1557de2784161fa9d4c0a249d095eb08359deda32b0e9515da2439c2a4235deb

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    Eccellente smartphone

    Qualità prezzo ottima, colore nuovo e bellissimo, prodotto performante e competitivo.
    Aggiornamenti appena usciti sempre disponibili da Sony nell'immediato.


    • Schermo grande e scocca resistente


    • Cuffiette in dotazione di modesta qualità