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GTS 635-216
Bosch Professional GTS 635-216


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  • rainlord

    vor 2 Jahren



    4 von 5 Sternen

    A really good table saw that's missing one thing (that you can probably live without)

    This saw is priced perfectly for someone who doesn't need a table saw all day long. I'm generally always happy with Bosch's blue "Professional" products. They're priced well and work without any issues. Their warranty & service, in my experience, is also excellent.

    The quality on this saw is really good. Sure, there's two others in this range going up to ~1500 CHF that both up the quality and the sizes you can cut "easily", but how big pieces do you really need to cut and how often (both size and thickness)? That's what should decide what saw you need.

    Compared to DeWalt's in the same-to-slightly-more price range the one thing missing on this saw is a better fence system. The included one is just fine, really, and it clamps straight (so far), but DeWalts system for fences is better, ensuring it's 100% straight every time. But DeWalt has some stuff this saw does better.

    The saw comes with a push-stick and blade protectors and a fence, as well as an angle block for non-straight cuts. It's very noisy and has a slight "vibration" on start-up but once running at full speed it's still. There will be dust, and even with attached suction, there will be dust (but to be fair, no woodworking machine is dust free, even with suction).

    Very happy with mine and highly recommend it for occasional-to-daily wood-working of normal sized wood pieces.


    • Large work surface
    • Comes with a good saw blade
    • Very easy to operate
    • Relatively light to carry
    • Bosch manuals are always good
    • Stows away "squarely"


    • Loud. But they all are
    • Short power cord
    • Fence is not on rails
    • Dusty, even if attaching suction
  • sami.benbelaid

    vor 2 Jahren
    hat dieses Produkt gekauft



    5 von 5 Sternen

    Top für kleine Hobbywerkstatt 👍

    Klein präzise einfach genial.