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Logo of the Catrice brand


OWN YOUR MAGIC with Catrice.
Whatever the occasion, add a touch of magic to your reality. The CATRICE cosmetics brand inspires you to discover and try out every look, every colour and every trend and thus live out every facet of your own personality.
To this end, Catrice develops make-up at surprisingly affordable prices, in unbeatable quality, and with 100% vegan ingredients. The beauty brand has always been free of animal testing in accordance with EU law and has been 100% microplastic particle-free since 2023.
The wide range of colours and trends can be discovered not only in the regular range, but also in exclusive limited editions. For these, CATRICE repeatedly cooperates with trendy designers or famous brands such as Kaviar Gauche. In addition, the beauty brand draws attention to important social topics, such as the current WHO I AM Limited Edition - because make-up is for everyone and knows no gender or borders!

It's not magic. It's makeup.