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Time to keep cool and beat the heat

Seraina Cadonau
Zurich, on 26.07.2022
Translation: Christine Duranza

Germany is breaking out in a sweat – and attempting to keep cool. Galaxus is currently seeing record sales of products that help us cool off. From air conditioners to inflatables to ice cream makers, it’s all here to make the heat more bearable.

The German weather service has issued yet another heat warning, water levels are dropping drastically and the glaciers are melting fast. What are folks doing in response? Equipping themselves with anything that will help them beat the heat.

Fans and AC units selling hotter than ever

When it comes to cooling down, fans are the most sought after product among our customers. Never before have as many fans flown off the virtual shelves as they have this year. Year-on-year sales were up slightly in June (+14%), and really exploded in July at 401 per cent. At the same time, our shoppers are paying attention to quality. They aren’t fazed by higher price tags – models by Xiaomi, Dyson and Rowenta are particularly popular in the battle against the summer heat.

In terms of sales growth, air conditioners are the frontrunners. Our customers ordered 810 per cent more of them in July compared to last year. We’ve never sold as many of these babies in June and July as we have in 2022. Portable units that can be stowed away as soon as temperatures begin to drop are in especially high demand.

Outdoor space is also being accessorized during this scorching weather. The demand for pools has exploded (+283%) during these blistering July days and garden showers (+143%) are also proving popular for a quick cool down.

A refreshing dip

Throughout the German speaking countries, folks are looking for one thing in particular right now: cool, wet fun. Waterproof pouches, which prevent your cell phone and wallet from getting wet during a dip make for trusty companions for all you water lovers. Our customers ordered 148 per cent more in July compared to this time last year. Swimming goggles (+69%), fins (+53%) and lilos (+121%) are also much-loved swim buddies. The latter are popular in all sorts of shapes and colours; let’s just say our customers have acquired a small zoo of animal-shaped inflatables this summer.

The 3 highest-ranking floaties

Boating on the Elbe, Rhine and Danube is booming more than ever. This July, 216 per cent more inflatables have hit the virtual shopping carts than in July 2021. Intex and Bestway are two of the bestselling brands.

Summer must-haves: sorbet, shade and sunscreen

When it comes to cooling off, our customers aren’t neglecting their palates. 55 per cent more coolers and 20 per cent more ice cream makers have made their way into our customers’ homes than in July 2021. At these temperatures, shady spots are hotly sought after, too. Parasols (+142%) and awnings (+118%) are being ordered more this July than they were this time last year. And shade or no shade, you won’t get far without sunscreen. In July 2022, sunscreen sales have gone up 200 per cent compared to last year. Products by Deroma, Shisheido and Garnier with SPF 30 and 50 respectively are particularly popular.

Over the last few years, sunscreen has taken on a new level of importance for us, pushing fans into second place. Swimming aids such as arm bands and pool noodles aren’t far behind in the Galaxus ranking of the top 10 best-selling summer products.

How are you protecting yourself from this sweltering heat? Can't stand it without fans and air conditioners at the moment either?

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