Nikon Nikkor Z 50mm f/1.8 S

Nikon Z, APS-C / DX, Full size
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Dancing in the light. The outstanding imaging performance of this NIKKOR-Z lens from the S series sets new standards for 1.8 mm full-frame lenses. With its sharpness of detail and brightness right into the corners, it even leaves behind previous 1.4 fixed focal lengths.1 This is more than a new 50mm object. This is a new future for incredible photography. The Z bayonet mount with its exceptionally large diameter allows your NIKKOR-Z lenses to direct more light into any angle of the field of view. In combination with the small back focal distance, i.e. the distance between the bayonet connection and the image sensor, this ensures a visible minimization of the light fall-off from the center of the image to the edges. The result is a new potential for details and fine nuances - everywhere in the picture. The NIKKOR Z 50 mm 1:1.8 S offers outstanding quality in available-light photography. This, its natural perspective and its razor-sharp focus from just 0.4 meters enable a completely free, intuitive way of working. Use the surroundings of your subject to give it a frame. Or they choose a shorter distance for a detailed portrait with head and shoulders. Lifelike. Open for light. Both the superior resolution of this lens and its brightness (thanks to the elaborate reduction of vignetting) extend into the corners of the image field. This ensures that every detail of your subject is reproduced with perfect precision - even if you are shooting with an open aperture. Point light sources, such as distant street lights at night, are reproduced with superior precision as the sagittal coma has been almost completely corrected. Point light sources appear in the image as naturally round dots, also at the edges of the image. Two ED glass lenses and two aspherical lenses also contribute to razor-sharp images with high brilliance, clear colours and rich contrasts. The Nikon nanocrystal coating reduces reflections highly effectively and thus also ghost images and scattered light. Your image becomes clearer and more brilliant, especially in backlit situations. The effect is also clearly visible in motifs with several light sources in the image field.

Key specifications

Sensor compatibility
APS-C / DX, Full size
415 g
Focus type
Autofocus, Manual focus
Lens type
Normal Lens, Prime lens
Bayonet lens mount
Nikon Z
Focal length
50 mm
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Overall ratingVery good98/100
Very good100/100
DigitalPhoto Logo
DigitalPhotoSingle testReleaseDecember 2020

A clear buy recommendation for all those who are on the move with Nikon's mirrorless full format. Great 50!

No rating
Color Foto Logo
Color FotoSingle testReleaseJuly 2019

The 50 for 550 Euros was tested on the Z6 at the beginning of the year, now the test on the Z7 with similar results: the centre of the image already delivers a good result when open - however, the edge drop is clearly visible. At aperture 3.5 it plays only a minor role and decreases further at aperture 5.6. At the same time, the values for the centre of the image increase - recommended.

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