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Datacolor Spyder X Photo Kit (Starter Kit, Color checker)
199,59 was 244,92

Datacolor Spyder X Photo Kit

Starter Kit, Color checker

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3 reviews

  • UrsG793

    2 years ago
    purchased this product

    Useless! Waste of money!

    Simply a waste of money!


    • Functionality faulty!
  • Nikudomi

    3 years ago
    purchased this product

    Great kit at an ultra-low price at the moment

    This kit would normally cost far more: it includes the SpyderX *Elite* software code, not SpyderX *Pro*, meaning that this whole kit is currently quite a bit cheaper than buying the Elite version of SpyderX on its own! (Seems to be a special anniversary pricing from Datacolor.) The SpyderX works well on my MacBook Pro and Win10 laptop, and the operation is easy to follow. The included Cube and Spyder Checkr 24 colour palette are well designed and cover the basics for photography and screen editing. Get this if print calibration is not important. Comes in a fairly nice, compact case. The handle of the case feels like very lightweight plastic (metal-look), but it's not going to be used for much lugging, so unlikely to be ever under strain. 


    • Covers basics well
    • Includes SpyderX Elite software
    • Compact
    • Excellent value right now (2021-02)


    • Case handle is light plastic
  • Rolof

    3 years ago
    purchased this product

    Top quality in a noble case.