Sports watch + Smart watch wristbands

Sports watch + Smart watch wristbands

For most sports watches and smartwatches there is the possibility to replace the existing bracelet, for example, because it is torn or broken or because you want to bring some variety to the wrist.

There is a large selection of Smartwatch bracelets in our online shop. May it be a sweat resistant silicone bracelet, a sport loop, a light nylon strap, a special wooden bracelet, a chic leather bracelet or even a noble Milanese bracelet? You can also bring variety into your everyday life with a different colour.

The Apple Watch bracelets 38 mm and 40 mm both fit on the smaller Apple Watch (up to Series 3 with 38 mm diameter, from Series 4 with 40 mm diameter). The Apple Watch bracelets 42 mm and 44 mm both fit equally on the large model of the Apple Watch (up to Series 3 with 42 mm diameter, from Series 4 with 44 mm diameter).

Our Onlineshop offers a large selection of bracelets for Smartwatches of different brands: Garmin, Apple, Samsung, fitbit, Polar, Fossil, Suunto, Montblanc, Withings etc.

Most newer bracelets can be attached to the watch easily and without tools by simple closing mechanisms. Some wristbands come with a small tool set. Even with this, the change is child's play.

The so-called spring clasps or quick-release wristbands are universal wristbands and particularly practical, as only a small metal pin has to be pulled to the side to attach the wristband to the watch. The brands Strap Studios but also other brands like Garmin, Suunto etc. offer a variety of such bracelets for the bracelet widths 18 mm, 20 mm, 22 mm, 24 mm and even 26 mm. Make sure your watch is compatible with the bracelet. Find out what bandwidth your watch needs and whether the universal quick-release straps fit or whether you need specific straps that only fit your model. Use our filters in the online shop.

Garmin has developed a special QuickFit Bracelet System for certain models (e.g. the fenix 5). It is very easy to assemble with just one click, but these bracelets only fit on models that support the QuickFit System.