Top-rated products in the DJ furniture category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Zomo Deck Stand Ibiza 150

The DJ counter by Zomo is the perfect solution for the chic DJ setup at home as well as for the professional use in the club. The Zomo Ibiza Deck-Stand 150 offers enough space for 2 turntables or CD-Player and a mixer up to 19 inch width. Of course the turntables find enough space in the standard position as well as in the battle position. On the 2nd floor there is also enough space for various 19 inch devices like an amplifier or a 19 inch cd player. Furthermore, 2 headphone holders are integrated in this compartment. They are a real eye-catcher with their high-quality surface.

Dimensions: 1530 mm (L) X 506 mm (W) X 960 mm (H)

2. Glorious Turntable Lowboard 241732

With storage space for the turntable and plenty of room for the record collection, the turntable lowboard is ideal as a listening station. The open record box invites you to browse and allows direct access to up to 130 12" records. A front pocket with sliding mechanism is used to store the amplifier, CDs or books. The ingenious recess on the back is designed to accommodate cables and allows them to disappear skilfully. The Turntable Lowboard is made of wood in a timeless design and has a white high-gloss finish. The body stands on a stable and elegant frame made of solid white ash, which helps to dampen vibrations thanks to the shock-absorbing rubber feet. 

3. Zomo LS-10

Due to the ingenious folding technique, the easy-to-assemble LS-10 laptop stand can be completely assembled or disassembled in just a few seconds without the need to fix a single screw or nut. This is especially appreciated for mobile use. The tool can stay at home in the future! The storage surface can be locked in two different positions / inclinations, allowing the laptop to be placed on the stand either horizontally or slightly inclined. In addition, the height can be adjusted in a few easy steps by opening four screws (without tools) and the position can be perfectly adjusted. So it is even more flexible and faster applicable than the Zomo LS-1 Laptop Stand. But there was no reduction in functionality. The Zomo LS-10 Laptop Stand can be easily attached to nearly all flightcases, as clip version to all table tops or as on-the-top version to the DJ desk or slide it under the mixer or turntable. Additionally the Zomo LS-10 will be delivered in a high quality and practical neoprene bag, so the LS-10 can be stored space-saving before and after use and protected against damages. 

4. Zomo Studio Desk Milano

The Zomo Studio Desk Milano is a professional desk for studio recordings with an extendable working surface for keyboards.

This workstation meets all the requirements
that professional DJ/producers have of studio furniture. It combines modern design and high-quality workmanship with the highest level of practicality. The Studio Desk Milano offers with 12 HE (3x4 HE) a lot of rack space for 19 inch devices, such as equalizers, preamps. Two additional shelves offer enough space for studio monitors, computer screens, keyboard, mouse, mixing console, and much more. The table also has a pull-out shelf for equipment (keyboards, mixers) up to approx. 145 cm wide.

Dimensions: 107 cm x 157.5 cm x 70 cm

- 19-inch rack (3x4U) above the main worktop
- large computer compartment
- large storage area for equipment (mouse, keyboard etc.)
- extendable keyboard shelf
- Work surface for computer monitors and speakers
- Material: Medium density fibreboard
- Upper monitor area (W x D): 157.5 cm x 25 cm
- Work surface: 152,5 cm x 45 cm
- Pull-out shelf: 148 cm x 45 cm
- Distance from the floor to the top edge of the pull-out shelf: 72 cm
- Distance from the top edge of the pull-out shelf to the top edge of the worktop: 15 cm

5. reloop Flat

Reloop's Laptop Stand Flat is an intelligent and robust solution for all DJs who need an increased work surface for their laptop. Despite its extremely flat design the Laptop Stand Flat also offers room for external sound cards or timecode-based interfaces thanks to its flexibly mountable subtray unit. Especially practical: The Subtray unit can be mounted either behind or under the laptop, so that all the cables from the turntables or CD players can be bundled and routed to the interface. The Reloop Laptop Stand Flat also offers itself as an elevated work surface for MIDI controllers or keyboards, as thanks to its absorbing construction any DJ periphery can be comfortably triggered from it. 

6. Antoc Laptop Stand L1

The stand can be made ready for use in just a few easy steps, coupled with its low weight of only 1.5 kg, it enables optimum mobility despite its stability. The stand can be used in many ways and can be used with all commercially available laptops without any problems. 

Antoc Laptop Stand L1
DJ furniture
39,– EUR was 48,83 EUR

Antoc Laptop Stand L1

7. Zomo Deck Stand Vegas

The model Vegas extends the popular Zomo deckstand series with a new, elegant and functional product. Beside the usual shelf which offers space for two turntables and a mixer the lower part of the deckstand has been designed with additional compartments to store hifi components, CDs, DVDs and vinyls. So the Zomo Deckstand Vegas is a useful and stylish piece of furniture. For further subdivision of the main compartments an additional divider is optionally available. The Zomo Vegas Deckstand is made of solid MDF wood and laminated with a resistant, water-repellent decor. It is available in four different colours: black, white, zebrano, walnut. The table is easy to assemble and is a real eye-catcher in every living room. 

8. Antoc Laptop Stand L2

The Antoc laptop stand L2 convinces by its modern design, the high-quality workmanship and the simple operability. The stand can be assembled and disassembled in just a few simple steps, saving you time and nerves.

In addition to the shelf for all commercially available laptops, the L2 offers a further shelf for your external audio interface, adjustable in 3 height levels.

This laptop stand allows optimal use of space and flexibility even in confined spaces.

Antoc Laptop Stand L2
DJ furniture
44,82 EUR was 54,08 EUR

Antoc Laptop Stand L2

9. Zomo Deck Stand Ibiza 120

The Zomo Ibiza Deck-Stand 120 is a well thought out but nevertheless affordable solution for the chic DJ-Setup at home as well as for the professional use in clubs. The Zomo DJ-Counter offers enough space for 2 turntables or CD-Player and a mixer up to 12 inch. Of course the turntables find enough space in the standard position as well as in the battle position. On the 2nd floor there is also enough space for various 19 inch devices like an amplifier or a 19 inch CD-Player. Furthermore, 2 headphone holders are integrated in this compartment. With their high-quality surface they are a real eye-catcher.

Dimensions: 1230 mm (L) X 506 mm (W) X 960 mm (H)

10. Gravity FDJT 01

Gravity FDJT 01 DJ desk is a sturdy, height-adjustable table. Stability is provided by the adjustable leveling feet that compensate for any unevenness of the floor and the mountable cross brace that significantly strengthens the table. The table is adjustable in height between 680 mm and 1090 mm and offers with a useful depth of 500 mm and a width of 1190 mm enough space to accommodate equipment.