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1. Ruuvi RuuviTag Bluetooth Environment Sensor 4 in 1

RuuviTag Bluetooth Sensor Temperature, Humidity, Air Pressure and Motion Sensor

The RuuviTag is a wireless Bluetooth sensor that measures temperature, humidity,
air pressure and motion.
With the Ruuvi mobile app for Android and iOS, you can read live measurements and history data directly on your smartphone.

Furthermore, you can integrate the RuuviTag sensors into your system via the Victron Energy GX devices* such as Cerbo GX or MultiPlus GX* and thus view the data anywhere via the VRM Monitoring Portal. Now also on your mobile phone via the VRM widget.

With the Cerbo GX you can also control relays depending on the temperature.

Ruuvi sensors and app are open source, so there are hardly any limits to your ideas.

Let your imagination run wild and measure almost anything at home, at work or during your hobbies.

- Temperature units (Ruuvi-Station App) - Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin
- Humidity units (Ruuvi-Station app) - relative humidity, absolute humidity, dew point
- Pressure units (Ruuvi station app) - Pa, hPa, mmHg, inHg
- Temperature sensor accuracy - Typical absolute accuracy ±0.2 °C at 5...60 °C, output resolution 0.01 °C
- Humidity sensor accuracy - Typical absolute accuracy ±2 %, 20...80 %, 25 °C
- Accuracy of pressure sensor - Typical absolute accuracy ±1 hPa

- Certifications - CE, FCC, ISED, TELEC, IFETEL, NOM, RTCA DO-160, RoHS, IP67

* NOTE: The Cerbo GX's Bluetooth is not reliable enough to work with Ruuvi sensors. Therefore, if you are installing Ruuvi sensors, you will need to install a Bluetooth USB adapter. Information and adapters can be found here. The following USB Bluetooth adapters work, but we do not sell them.

- Logilink BT0037
- TP-Link UB400(UN)
- Ewent EW1085R4
- Laird BT820
- Laird BT851

All tested from -17 to 70C.

Ruuvi Station App
Ruuvi Station collects temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, signal strength (RSSI) and motion data from all nearby RuuviTag devices and displays this data in real time. With Ruuvi Station you can manage your RuuviTag devices, change background photos and visualise the collected weather data.

Ruuvi RuuviTag Bluetooth Environment Sensor 4 in 1 (Tentacles)
46,90 EUR

Ruuvi RuuviTag Bluetooth Environment Sensor 4 in 1


2. Stihl 8810804 Forest measuring tape 20m orange

Stihl 8810804 Forestry measuring tape, orange, 20m (8810804).

Stihl 8810804 Forest measuring tape 20m orange
59,78 EUR

Stihl 8810804 Forest measuring tape 20m orange

3. Peaktech P 8200 Measuring accessories set

This comprehensive collection of measuring accessories for the electronics sector offers the right measuring adapter for every conceivable application for every digital multimeter. In addition, these high-quality clamps and connection cables are manufactured according to the latest safety guidelines and thus offer the user a high level of safety when using these products. A flexible and non-slip plastic was chosen as the material, which can withstand even heavy loads. 

Peaktech P 8200 Measuring accessories set (Microphone Clip)
40,31 EUR

Peaktech P 8200 Measuring accessories set

Microphone Clip

4. Ruuvi RuuviTag Silicone Holder

RuuviTag Silicone Holder

With the versatile RuuviTag silicone case, you can easily attach RuuviTag to any surface with screws, cable ties or by hanging it up. The
soft silicone protects the RuuviTag sensor from shocks and makes it more handy. 

Ruuvi RuuviTag Silicone Holder
23,90 EUR

Ruuvi RuuviTag Silicone Holder

5. Testo Multi data logger 174H Measured variable

Testo Multi data logger 174H Measured variable
94,84 EUR

Testo Multi data logger 174H Measured variable

6. Voltcraft Anemometer AN10

Voltcraft Anemometer AN10
30,54 EUR

Voltcraft Anemometer AN10

7. Testo Multi data logger Saveris 2-H1

Monitor your temperatures and humidity in storage, cooling and work rooms with the testo Saveris 2-H1 WLAN data logger system. The temperature and humidity values measured with the integrated sensor are recorded reliably even over long periods of time and sent directly via your WLAN to the testo cloud (online data storage). With your Internet-capable smartphone, tablet or PC, you can call up these measured values anytime and anywhere. If limit values are exceeded or undercut, you are informed by e-mail or SMS and can react quickly if necessary. 

Testo Multi data logger Saveris 2-H1
327,18 EUR

Testo Multi data logger Saveris 2-H1

8. Voltcraft Measuring adapter

Universal three-phase current adapter which, in conjunction with all VDE 0100 test instruments, enables the following measurements to be made on three-phase current sockets: low impedance of PE, insulation resistance between all active conductors and against PE, internal system resistance, loop impedance, RCD parameters and rotary field direction. CEE 16 A three-phase plug with feed-through to 5 separate 4 mm sockets for L1, L2, L3, N and PE for quick and safe connection of test equipment to three-phase sockets during tests according to DIN VDE 0100 (fixed installations). 

Voltcraft Measuring adapter (Adapter)
77,69 EUR

Voltcraft Measuring adapter


9. Fluke Set of measurement leads

FLUKE Test lead set, TL175

TwistGuardTM, double-insulated silicone measurement leads, especially durable tension relief, with universal input plug, fits all instruments
that operate with shielded 4 mm standard banana plugs. Set with 1 Ø 4 mm test probe in red and 1 in black; length of the projecting measurement probe can be adjusted from 4 mm to 19 mm by simple twisting. CAT IV 600 V, CAT III 1000 V, rated current 10 A. 

Fluke Set of measurement leads (Measuring line)
46,– EUR

Fluke Set of measurement leads

Measuring line

10. Rs Pro Temperature data logger with USB

Measuring parameter = temperature
Sensor type = temperature
Temperature measurement max. = +176 °F, +80 °C
Power supply = Battery
Temperature Measuring accuracy
max. = ±1 °C
IP Protection class = IP67
Operating temperature min. = -35°C
Operating temperature max. = +80°C
Battery life = 2 J.

This high-quality stand-alone data logger measures and stores over 16,000 temperature readings from -35 to +80 °C (-31 to +176 °F). The logger is IP67 protected against ingress of water and dust when the cap is mounted so that it can be safely used both inside and outside.

You can easily set up the logger and view downloaded data by connecting the data logger to the USB port of a PC and using the free software. The data can be printed and exported to other applications for detailed analysis.

Rs Pro Temperature data logger with USB (Thermometers)
56,90 EUR

Rs Pro Temperature data logger with USB