Top-rated products in the Microphone accessories category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. RØDE Interview GO Hand Holder

By inserting the transmitter module of the Wireless GO radio link into the appropriate slot at the top of the Interview GO and fitting it with the included foamwindscreen, you get a stylish wireless reporter microphone with excellent voice transmission. The range of the Wireless GO system is more than adequate at 70 metres. 

2. Elgato shock mount

Wave Shock Mount perfectly protects your wave microphone from vibrations caused by use or shocks that cause low-frequency noise. The sturdy steel frame with reinforcedelastic suspension absorbs shocks as well as possible, so you can record crystal-clear audio without annoying rumble. And to keep you flexible, the included adapter allows you to connect to most popular microphone arms. Wave Shock Mount is specifically designed to isolate the Wave:1 and Wave:3 microphones from vibrations transmitted through mounts and surrounding surfaces, so you can work with crystal-clear audio with high concentration. 

3. K&M 85070 Microphone clamp

The microphone clamp made of elastic, high-quality plastic material holds the most common microphones with a shaft diameter of 34 - 40 mm absolutely securely. Thanksto the special design, the microphone is mounted in the middle and locked in place. This allows the microphone to be attached or removed quickly and easily. 

4. RØDE MagClip GO

Clothing can be clamped between magnet and clip for maximum flexibility. The MagClip GO can even be used to discreetly place the microphone on an object, scene orstage to record dialogue. 

5. RØDE SC15 USB-C auf Lightning-Kabel umgestellt

USB-C to Lightning Cable
A high quality, 30 cm long and well shielded USB-C to Lightning cable. The SC15 allows you to digitally connect the VideoMic NTG to an iPhone,
elegantly bypassing the iPhone's preamp/converter section for the best possible audio quality. In addition, the VideoMic NTG's 3.5mm jack can then be used as an adjustable headphone output. The SC15 has an integrated element with which it can be perfectly attached to the cable management of the VideoMic NTG, thus eliminating annoying slagging.Featureshigh-quality ribbon cableUSB-C to Lightningfor digital connection of the VideoMic NTG to an iPhonealso suitable for other Apple devices with Lightning connectorcompatible with cable management of the VideoMic NTG. 

6. RØDE DCS-1 Double Hot Shoe Holder

DCS-1 is a double cold-shoe mount for attaching two microphones or cold-shoe accessories to one unit with a single cold-shoe mount. Made of lightweight aluminium,it is robust and unobtrusive and compatible with all RØDE products that have a cold shoe adapter. It also includes cut-outs for cable management for selected RØDE audio cables.

In combination with the SC11, it provides a clean, optimized solution for connecting two microphones to a single DSLR camera or recording device, such as dual wireless GO receivers or a wireless receiver and a VideoMic.

7. K&M Reduziergewinde

Main features Technical details Product colour Zinc connecting thread (male) 1/4" connecting thread (female) 3/8".

8. sE Electronics DM1 Dynamite

An ultra-slim active inline preamp that fits seamlessly between your mic and mic pre, providing a massive +28dB of clean, transparent gain for all your dynamic andpassive ribbon microphones. 

9. Img Stage Line Thread adapter 3/8" to 5/8

16 mm external thread (5/8") and combined 9 mm internal thread (3/8") suitable for microphone stands and goosenecks.

10. RØDE SM4-R

The SM4-R is an elastic holder for microphone stands and booms.
The SM4-R has two Rycote Lyre brackets for maximum insulation. Four possible fixing points make them
compatible with the complete range of Rode directional microphones. A cable management clip is integrated.