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1. Monacor MDM-40

LS napped foam. Grey foam. For reflection and resonance insulation of speaker walls. 2 mats each 100x50 cm, 20 kg/m3. Thickness 40 mm.

2. Elgato Wave Panels Starter Kit

You've applied audio filters and set the equalizer to perfection. Now you can tune your room for superior sound. The unique EasyClick frames make installation quickand effortless - just snap them together in any arrangement. Wave panels are featherweight, so entire constellations can be attached with just one or two screws. Sometimes the enclosed tesa adhesive strips are already sufficient. Thanks to the hexagonal profile, Wave Panels can be arranged appropriately in any workspace. Create different, unique constellations and effortlessly combine different colors or swap them out to create your own setup. Lightweight foam with wave surface dampens high frequencies. High-density fibers keep the lows and mids in check. And a hidden air pocket dampens sound even further. The result is an all-around coherent sound, so you'll be comfortable in every stream and recording. Ensuring excellent acoustics pays off. Voices become full and clear, music brings out the finest details, movies sound stunning, and games sound lifelike. Wave Panels are easy to install. Just a few will noticeably improve the room acoustics. 

3. Monacor Acoustic foam front pads for speakers

Acoustic foam front pads for speakers, 480 x 378 mm

- Especially suitable as front cover for PA speaker cabinets

- High sound transparency

- Open-cell
polyurethane foam, anthracite, 10 mm thick

- Temperature stability: -50 °C up to +90 °C.

Monacor Acoustic foam front pads for speakers (2 pcs.)
Room acoustics
17,77 EUR

Monacor Acoustic foam front pads for speakers

2 pcs.

4. Adam Hall 0160 WH Stage molton B1

Acoustic molleton, flame retardant impregnated, 500 g quality, for rehearsal room, studio and stage, with excellent sound absorption.

5. Europalms Molton

The multifunctional fabric for professional applications

- Light and sound absorbing

- B1 according to DIN4102 flame retardant

- 100 % cotton

- Versatile
for exhibition stand construction, stages, studios, gastronomy

- Weight 300 gr/sqm

- Yard goods (width ref. 3 m)

- Width: 3 m

- Made in Germany.

6. Elgato Wave Panels Extension Kit

Wave Panels provide professional room acoustics in any workspace. Two foam layers of different density reduce echo and reverberation. And a hidden air pocket dampenssound even further. The result is an all-around coherent sound, so you'll be comfortable in every stream and recording. With their hexagonal profile, Wave Panels can be arranged to fit any wall, while the unique EasyClick frames make mounting a breeze. Rearrange the panels in distinctive patterns and change colours on the fly. With Wave Panels, it's easier than ever to tune the acoustics in your workspace. 

7. Sinuslive Akustikschaumstoff

For acoustic and decorative applications. Suitable for damping boxes, cabinet subwoofers and trunk.

8. DAP-Audio ASM-03

Easy to use acoustic foam for your own recording studio or rehearsal room. The foam is made of fireproof material (certified) and can be easily applied to the wallor ceiling with spray glue and a sharp knife. This product is available in three versions: ASM-01 5cm pyramid shape in black, ASM-02 5cm pyramid shape in white or the solid ASM-03 10cm pyramid shape in black. 

9. Hifonics Zeus ZSQ7 Acoustic Foam (50 x 37cm, 8 pieces, 1.48mm)

While HiFonics AluButyl mats are primarily suitable for calming down vibrating or easily resonating sheet metal parts behind door panels or in other places in thevehicle due to their high mass and inner density, the application of acoustic foams is additionally recommended to further increase the sound through improved sound absorption in the interior. With the ZEUS ZSQ7 and ZSQ15, HiFonics offers two foams of different thicknesses for this purpose, which optimise the interior acoustics in vehicles. The material can be compressed to 1 or 2 mm and is therefore very easy to process. Depending on the application, it dampens sheet metal or can keep surfaces and parts that tend to vibrate slightly under tension, like a shock absorber. For example, another layer of foam can also be bonded to the AluButyl recommended for door panels between the door panel and the trim to improve acoustics. Tailgates or rear shelves often come from the factory without any additional trim and tend to reflect sound. The 15 mm thick, studded ZSQ15 is particularly suitable for bonding. Both ZSQ foams are self-adhesive, which also makes them well suited for immobilising loosely laid cables. Features: * Foam self-adhesive * 7.0 mm thickness, smooth * Sound-absorbing * Can be compressed to 1 mm * 8 sheets each 500 x 370mm (1.48 sqm). 

Hifonics Zeus ZSQ7 Acoustic Foam (50 x 37cm, 8 pieces, 1.48mm) (8 pcs.)
Room acoustics
48,94 EUR

Hifonics Zeus ZSQ7 Acoustic Foam (50 x 37cm, 8 pieces, 1.48mm)

8 pcs.

10. Audio System Door KIT 2.0 Daemm-Set

Insulation set DÄMM-VLIES and Alubutyl insulation material for 2 doors.