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1. RØDE RodeCaster Duo

Professioneller 7-Kanal-Audio-Mixer, rauscharme Vorverstärker von Revolution, 2x XLR- / Klinken-Kombi-Eingänge, 1x 3,5-mm-TRRS-Klinke für Headsets, mit Lautstärkekontrolleund Verstärkerfunktion, Audioprozessoren von Aphex, 2x Klinke für Kopfhöre ... 

RØDE RodeCaster Duo (DJ controller)
453,– EUR

RØDE RodeCaster Duo

DJ controller

2. RØDE RODECaster Pro II

The RØDECaster Pro II is the ultimate audio production solution for content creators, including streamers, podcasters and musicians. Combining revolutionary featureswith superior sound quality, endless customisability and unmatched ease of use, the RØDECaster Pro II is all you will ever need to record incredible audio for your content.

Key Features:

- Fully integrated audio production studio for streamers, podcasters, musicians and content creators

- Ultra-low-noise, high-gain Revolution PreampsTM (-131.5dBV EIN, 76dB gain)

- Four high-quality Neutrik® combo inputs for connecting microphones, instruments and line-level devices

- Nine individually assignable channels with six broadcast-quality physical faders and three virtual faders

- High-performance quad-core audio engine

- Studio-grade APHEX® audio processing and on-board effects

- Eight fully programmable SMART pads with bank switching

- Dual USB-C interfaces for connecting two computers or mobile devices

- Advanced Bluetooth® connectivity for high-quality phone call integration

- Multitrack or stereo recording to a microSDTM card, USB storage device or computer

- Four high-power headphone outputs and balanced ¼-inch line outputs

- 5.5-inch high-definition touchscreen with haptic feedback and rotary encoder for easy navigation and control

- New features and enhancements via regular firmware updates

- Designed and made in RØDE's state-of-the-art facilities in Sydney, Australia.

RØDE RODECaster Pro II (Studio- and Livemixer)
669,– EUR


Studio- and Livemixer

3. BOSS GCS- 8 Gigcaster 8 Audio Streaming Mixer

Gigcaster 8 is a powerful audio control centre for musicians who create live streams and produce audio and video content at the same time. L'appareil réunit tousles outils nécessaires à un son professionnel dans une seule interface de bureau, y compris un contrôle rapide en temps réel via des faders, des commandes, huit pads assignables et un écran tactile couleur.
Joue avec une guitare ou une basse via les amplificateurs et les effets des modèles haut de gamme GT. Connecte des microphones et traite les voices avec des processeurs de signaux de qualité studio de la série VE. Les entrées de ligne permettent de connecter un clavier ou une boîte à rythmes. In total, you can integrate up to eight sources of sound into the stream-mix, including background music and the sound of an external guest or a student. Combiné à la prise en charge de périphériques de contrôle externes, à l'enregistrement sur microSD et plus encore, Gigcaster 8 est un partenaire complet pour les musiciens, les enseignants en ligne, les podcasteurs et tous les créateurs de contenu pour lesquels la musique est au centre de leurs préoccupations.

- Solution d'interface USB tout-en-un, conçue pour les créateurs de contenus axés sur la musique.
- High level sonic quality thanks to 32 bits virgule flottante calculation and 48 kHz sound processing.
- mixeur audio 8 canaux avec de nombreux outils de traitement du son
- Entrée à haute impédance pour le raccordement direct d'une guitare ou d'une basse
- Quatre entrées combo XLR/TRS pour microphones et instruments électroniques
- Entrées micro avec alimentation fantôme et préamplis micro à faible bruit de fond de haute qualité avec une large plage de gain (+70 dB)
- Amplis et effets BOSS issus du modèle haut de gamme GT-1000
- Vocals effects, harmony effects and voice transformation effects from the vocals processors of the VE series
- Bibliothèques de presets prêtes à l'emploi pour le traitement du so...

BOSS GCS- 8 Gigcaster 8 Audio Streaming Mixer (Studio- and Livemixer)
569,– EUR

BOSS GCS- 8 Gigcaster 8 Audio Streaming Mixer

Studio- and Livemixer

4. RGBlink Mini Edge ProductionMixer

RGBlink Mini Edge ProductionMixer
799,– EUR was 959,– EUR

RGBlink Mini Edge ProductionMixer

5. Behringer 502S - 5-kanałowy kompaktowy mikser analogowy z interfejsem USB zaprojektowany specjalnie


Behringer 502S - 5-kanałowy kompaktowy mikser analogowy z interfejsem USB zaprojektowany specjalnie (Studio- and Livemixer)
75,65 EUR

Behringer 502S - 5-kanałowy kompaktowy mikser analogowy z interfejsem USB zaprojektowany specjalnie

Studio- and Livemixer

6. Tascam Model 16 mixer with 32GB memory card

Tascam Model 16 mixing console: 14-channel mixer with built-in 16-track recorder and USB audio interface 14 analogue inputs 10 Ultra HDDA microphone preamps 12 balancedline inputs Loop-in paths in input channels 1 and 2 1-button compressor for channels 1-81 and 2 1-button compressor for channels 1-8 Built-in effects processor with 16 effect types 3-band EQ Compact 60 mm faders 16-track recording to SD card Overdub recording, punch-in/-out multitrack playback for advanced live performancesUSB audio interface for Windows and Mac computers Can be used as a USB interface Bluetooth receiver Balanced XLR outputs for the stereo sum Balanced jack outputs (TRS) for subgroups Headphone output: 6.3 mm stereo jack socket Switchable 48V phantom power Dimensions: 430 mm x463 mm x 113 mm ( W × D × H ) Weight: 7 kg IncludesAC adapter Tascam Model 16 is a compact complete package for sound mixing, recording and production especially for musicians, multimedia creators, songwriters and solo artists. It consists of a 14-input mixer, 16-track audio recorder, USB audio interface, DAW control functions and unique podcasting functions such as mix-minus and smartphone input. The space-saving and affordable Model 16 combines the feel of an analogue interface with the efficient workflow and quality of digital recording systems. The Model 16's integrated and intuitive 16-track recorder creates WAV files up to 48 kHz and 24 bit directly on an SD card. The internal recorder has a metronome function and supports overdubbing and punch-in/out. The USB audio interface can be used simultaneously with the built-in multitrack recorder. The Model 16 has various functions for podcasting and internet streaming such as mix-minus, smartphone input, numerous microphone-compatible channels, Bluetooth pairing, monitoring via headphones and integrated multi-track recording. The compact Model16 offers you 10 XLR microphone inputs (with switchable 48-volt phantom power), 12 line inputs via balanced jack sockets, a mini jack input (TRRS) for a smartphone and a Bluetooth 5.0 input and is therefore ideally equipped for any small-format recording or live environment. + keepdrum memory card 32GB Scope of delivery: Tascam Model 16 mixing console with audio interface AC adapter Memory card 32GB. 

Tascam Model 16 mixer with 32GB memory card (Studio- and Livemixer)
899,90 EUR

Tascam Model 16 mixer with 32GB memory card

Studio- and Livemixer

7. Vyrve Audio MIZAR PA system with 4 XLR jack cables

Vyrve Audio MIZAR compact PA system set with 4x XLR jack cable 10m 10 inch subwoofer 2 plug-in satellite speakers 4.75 inch / 1 inch Integrated 8-channel power mixerIntegrated Bluetooth Class-D power amplifiers: 250W (sub) and 2x60W (sat) Maximum sound pressure: 123dB 1.1 and 2.1 mode switchable 4 mono channels_ XLR/TRS combo sockets, mic/line switchable Tone control (loudness) per MONO channel boosts bass and treble Stereo channel 5/6: 6.3mm jack (L/R); RCA sockets (L/R) Stereo channel 7/8: 3.5mm stereo mini jack; Bluetooth switchable Integrated echo effect: delay time and intensity adjustable Subwoofer and master volume separately adjustable Stereo monitor output: 6.3mm TS jack (L/R) Frequency response: 50 - 20000Hz Subwoofer: 14kg, 350 x 407 x 458mm Satellite speaker: 1.9kg each, 140 x 155 x 227mm The MIZAR compact PA from the Vyrvre brand is a versatile complete PA system with Class-D power amplifiers that deliver 250W (sine wave) of power and 123dB of sound pressure. The MIZAR set consists of a 10-inch subwoofer with integrated mixer, two satellite speakers with two speaker cables, two speaker stands and a transport bag. The Vyrve Mizar system is ideal for parties, smaller concerts, as a vocal system in the rehearsal room or for performances and presentations. The centrepiece of the system is the transportable subwoofer with an integrated 8-channel mixer with Bluetooth. The two satellite speakers can be stowed and secured in the back of the subwoofer for storage and transport. This makes the complete system very convenient to transport and it can be set up in a flash. For smaller applications, the satellite speakers can be placed directly on the subwoofer with their plug-in contact, eliminating the need for a cable connection. The connection between the subwoofer and the satellite speakers is made via the built-in plug-in contacts. For a 2.1 stereo setup, the satellite speakers can be placed on the stands supplied (up to 1.97 metres high). It is also possible to insert a distance rod, which is taken from one of the stands, into the subwoofer and attach a speaker directly above the subwoofer (see pictures). The mixer offers 4 mono channels with XLR/TRS combo sockets that can be switched between mic and line level. Each mono channel has a tone control that boosts bass and treble and therefore works like a loudness control. Stereo channel 5/6 offers 6.3 mm TS jack connections and RCA sockets (L/R). Stereo channel 7/8 offers the option of connecting a 3.5mm stereo jack plug or can be switched to Bluetooth. + 4x keepdrum MC-004XJ 10m audio cable XLR male - jack 6.3mm with Velcro cable ties 4 cables included Series: High Quality Length: 10m Diameter: 6 mm Plug: 1x XLR male - 1x jack 6.3mm Colour: Black Includes 4 cable ties with Velcro fastener 60cm The High Quality cable is the perfect cable for the demanding stage musician. It is very easy to wind and guarantees high bending cycles. It is absolutely free of noise and crackling, even with problematic stage requirements. A cable that can withstand the rigours of everyday live performance. Scope of delivery: Subwoofer with integrated mixer 2 satellite speakers 2 speaker cables 4.5m 2 speaker stands (1.45 - 1.97m) Transport bag for stands 4x keepdrum MC-004XJ 10m audio cable XLR male - jack 6.3mm with Velcro cable tie. 

Vyrve Audio MIZAR PA system with 4 XLR jack cables (Studio- and Livemixer)
530,– EUR

Vyrve Audio MIZAR PA system with 4 XLR jack cables

Studio- and Livemixer

8. Icon Duo44 Dyna USB audio interface with headphones

USB audio interface: For computers, tablets and smartphones 4 inputs / 4 outputs MIDI input Recording quality: 24-bit/192 kHz Extremely low latency Simultaneousdesktop and mobile connectivity 2 USB-C ports for mobile devices USB 2.0 connection (USB bus-powered) Smart phone input level control Direct monitor button control Flexible channel routing via the ProDriver4 software control panel Robust aluminium construction ARM-M7/500MHz processing power 5VDC power supply connection for external power supply Compatible with Mac OS (M1/ Intel-Mac) 10.13 and higher, iOS 9 or higher, Android and Windows 7, 8 & 10 (32-bit/64-bit) Includes Bitwig Studio 8-track DAW Includes Dotec audio plugins The Icon Duo44 Dyna is a USB audio interface with 4 inputs and outputs. Thanks to the simultaneous desktop and mobile connectivity, live streaming of audio data from the computer to mobile devices is possible, either analogue via the TRRS connection or digital via the two USB-C connections. This makes the Duo44 Dyna ideal for musicians, producers and artists who want to work with one or more mobile devices. Compared to its predecessor, the main chip has been changed to a 500Mhz ARM chip, which improves computing power and driver stability. Other features such as the AD/DA converters, noise level and microphone amplification have also been upgraded. The high-quality analogue-to-digital converters ensure 24-bit/192 kHz recordings with extremely low latency. The high dynamic range also enables detailed recording accuracy. The interface has an input for connecting condenser microphones or dynamic microphones as well as an input for connecting instruments such as guitar or bass. Headphones or speakers can be connected via additional connections and can be monitored during recording via direct monitoring - without latency. Corresponding devices can be connected via the MIDI connection. The top panel features controls such as an input level control for smartphones and a control for direct monitor button control. With the ProDriver software, audio content from any source can be redirected to your computer and Direct X plugins can be hosted without a DAW. Plug-in chains can be easily saved and recalled as presets. Power is supplied via the USB connection to the connected device. Alternatively, the interface can be operated via the 5VDC connection with an appropriate power supply unit. The Bitwig Studio 8-Track software and Dotec Audio plug-ins are included in the scope of delivery. + Keepdrum headphones: Adjustable volume control Type: dynamic, semi-open headphones Driver diameter: 40 mm Impedance: 32 ohms at 1 kHz Sound pressure level (SPL): 103 dB/mW at max. output Rated power handling: 80 mW (max. output) Frequency range: 20 Hz to 20 Hz (max. output) Frequency range: 20 Hz to 20 kHz at -3dB Cable length: approx. 3m Plug: 3.5 mm stereo jack Weight: approx. 175g (total weight) Accessories: Adapter to 6.3 mm stereo jack Scope of delivery: Icon Duo44 Dyna Interface Bitwig Studio 8-Track DAW Dotec Audio Plugins keepdrum headphones. 

Icon Duo44 Dyna USB audio interface with headphones
175,91 EUR

Icon Duo44 Dyna USB audio interface with headphones

9. Sparkular HC8200 - M (12 pieces)

High fountain effects can be created with this titanium alloy granulate specially developed for this device. Each granulate has its specifications stored on thechip card. This means you always get consistent quality. 

Sparkular HC8200 - M (12 pieces)
720,– EUR

Sparkular HC8200 - M (12 pieces)

10. Tascam Model 24

Whether for rehearsals, live performances, or productions, Model 24 is the ideal symbiosis of a true multitrack recorder, mixing console, and audio interface, makingit a further development that is precisely tailored to the demands of today's music industry. One look is all it takes: Model 24 is designed to be easy and intuitive for anyone to use. 100mm faders for precise level adjustments, an easy-to-access seven-band graphic stereo equalizer for mixing, the familiar EQ and Aux controls, and all input and output connections are located on the top panel for quick and easy access. Model 24 allows users to record directly to an SD card, 24 tracks at a time at 24-bit and 48 kHz. Punch-ins and punch-outs are possible with up to 8 tracks simultaneously. Thanks to Tascam's revolutionary recording technology, 22 tracks can also be played back simultaneously from an SD card. The 16 high-quality Tascam microphone preamps ensure the best possible, pristine sound. The Tascam Model 24 has 22 flexible analog inputs, consisting of 20 balanced inputs (12 mono and 4 stereo) and one unbalanced stereo input. In addition, the console can connect to your favorite DAW via USB. You can pair your smartphone via Bluetooth to stream music for your rehearsals or get your audience in the mood before you strike the first chord on stage. 

Tascam Model 24 (Studio- and Livemixer)
1155,– EUR

Tascam Model 24

Studio- and Livemixer