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1. Zoom HRM-7

The HRM-7 is aluminum alloy supports that easily attach to the Zoom Recorder on one end and its universal clamp on the other providing adjustable fittings for recording set-ups. 

2. Zoom HS-1

With the HS-1, you can attach your Handy Recorder to any DSLR video camera equipped with a standard Hot Shoe mount. Now you can have both your video and audio controls right at your fingertips, and your microphone right at the action. 

3. Samson S-Patch plus

Versatile wiring and routing options for any studio environment. The Samson S Patch Plus gives you an intuitive central point for managing all your audio connections. With 48 x 1/4" jacks on the front panel and another 48 x 1/4" jacks on the back, you can connect a wide variety of studio and audio devices with outstanding reliability. The S Patch Plus ensures a clean signal path, while Normal, Semi-Normal and Thru configuration modes are accessed via the high-quality miniature toggle switches on the front panel. The switch positions allow you to instantly change the configuration of your device without removing it from the rack. And when using two S Patch Plus units together, you'll never have to make connections by wrapping around the back of your mixer or equipment rack. This flexible patch bay gives you a clean, fast workflow that makes your studio sessions less complex. 

4. upscreen Reflection Shield Matt screen protector

Upscreen Reflection Shield Matte Premium Screen Protector for Zoom LiveTrak L-20 minimizes light reflections on your display and prevents fingerprints and smudges due to the anti-fingerprint coating. Anti-Glare Protection The matte surface reduces light and sun reflections on your screen. Strong scratch protection The new developed strong coating of your upscreen Scratch Shield Clear protects your display against scratches and damages. Anti-Fingerprint Coating The oleophobic coating resists oil and smudges, reduces fingerprints and ensures easy cleaning. Touch-screen optimized The multitouch optimized surface preserves the original touch experience of your device. The smooth surface of the protector ensures a pleasant touch sensation. Easy, bubble-free installation The advanced silicon adhesive ensures an easy, bubble-free installation and a perfect adhesion. It is easily removable with no sticky residue or marks left on screen. Precision Cut Your upscreen Reflection Shield Matte is manufactured in Germany with the most advanced laser technology following the highest quality standards. Compatible with Zoom LiveTrak L-20. 

5. upscreen Antibacterial screen protector

Upscreen Bacteria Shield Clear, the Premium Antibacterial Screen Protector for your Zoom H1essential Did you know that your device is a source of bacterial infection? Your device may look clean but germs are transferred daily to displays, causing them to carry more bacteria than an average toilet seat. Normal cleaning of your display doesn´t remove these bacteria unfortunately. Through your fingers or through direct contact of your device with your skin, these bacteria can transfer to your face, mouth or nose, causing infections. How our antibacterial technology works? Our technology embeds antibacterial agents on the screen protector´s outer layer, killing the bacteria on your display. These active metal-oxide agents are harmless to the human body but deadly for the bacteria. This ensures that you are safe whenever using the device. This antibacterial layer is also solvent resistant, allowing the antibacterial effect to remain in harsh environments. This technology has been tested by Quality Labs BT GmbH in Nuremberg, an accredited laboratory by the German Government, under the antimicrobial norm ISO 22196. Additional properties Additional properties of the screen protector: high transparency, multi-touch optimization, easy cleaning and removal without residue. Why risk becoming infected? Install upscreen Bacteria Shield Clear on your Zoom H1essential and enjoy a healthy digital life. Compatible with Zoom H1essential. 

6. keepdrum WSBK Fur Windscreen for Audio Recorder

The keepdrum WS-BK fur windscreen reliably minimises annoying wind noise with minimal acoustic impact on your recording. It has a stable elastic band that does not wear out even during intensive use and thus ensures a firm fit on the microphone. The carefully crafted head guarantees "windlessness" in your recording. The keepdrum windscreen is ideal for handheld recorders with a width of approx. 75-105mm such as Zoom H2n, Zoom H4n Pro, Zoom H5, Zoom H6, Zoom H3-VR, Tascam DR-07X, Tascam DR-40X, Tascam DR-22WL, Tascam DR-44WL, Tascam DR-100 MK3 and the Rode Stereo Videomic Pro video microphone. Details: Suitable for recorders/microphones with a width of 75-105mm High-quality workmanship Synthetic fur with elastic band Suitable for a.o.: Zoom H2n Zoom H4n PRO Zoom H5 Zoom H6 Zoom H3-VR Tascam DR-07X Tascam DR-40X Tascam DR-22WL Tascam DR-44WL Tascam DR-100 MK3 Rode Stereo Videomic Pro Included in delivery is only the keepdrum WS-BK fur windscreen, NO additional devices!!! 

7. Tascam RC-10, Wireless/Wired Remote Control for Portable Recorder

Wireless / wired remote control for DR-40 and other Tascam portable audio recorders | 6 buttons for transport control and marker setting during recording | 4 function buttons for controlling product-specific features (refer to the user's manual of each product for details) | 3-meter cable included | Dimensions (L x W x D): 86 mm x 33 mm x 7 mm (wireless, without protruding parts) | 110 mm x 37 mm x 14 mm (wired, without protruding parts) | Weight: 15 g (without battery) 

Tascam RC-10, Wireless/Wired Remote Control for Portable Recorder (Remote control)
Recording accessories
49,– EUR

Tascam RC-10, Wireless/Wired Remote Control for Portable Recorder

Remote control

8. keepdrum Accessory set for Tascam and Zoom recorders

Recorder accessory set: Ideal for Tascam and Zoom recorders MS055 Tripod Tripod SA Thread adapter WSBK Windscreen USB power supply Mini-USB cable (USB-A to Mini-USB-B) Micro-USB cable (USB-A to Micro-USB-B) The keepdrum accessory set for Tascam / Zoom recorders is the ideal extension for mobile recorders. The set consists of a tripod, a thread adapter for mounting the recorder on the tripod, a fur windscreen to minimise noise, a USB power supply and two USB cables that are compatible depending on the recorder model. 1. MS055 Tripod Tripod Table Tripod: Tripod Extendable from 15-20cm Rubberised legs 5/8" thread Chrome finish Weight: 250g 2. SA Thread Adapter Thread adapter 1/4" to 5/8" High quality thread Ideal for attaching cameras, video mics or audio recorders to microphone stands Dimensions: 34 x 22mm 3. WS-BK fur windscreen: Dimensions: 8 x 8 x8 cm High-quality workmanship With sturdy elasticated band for intensive use without wearing out with a tight fit Ensures no wind during recording 4. BS510 USB power supply: Model BS510 -Universal USB-Charger USB connection Output: 5V 1000mA (maximum) Input: 100-240V- 50/60Hz 0,2A 5. Mini-USB cable: USB-A plug to Mini USB-B plug USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 compatible 6. Micro-USB cable: USB-A plug to Micro USB-B plug USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 compatible Scope of delivery: keepdrum MS055 tripod stand keepdrum SA thread adapter keepdrum WSBK windscreen keepdrum USB power supply keepdrum mini-USB cable (USB-A to mini-USB-B) keepdrum micro-USB cable (USB-A to micro-USB-B). 

9. Blackstar FS-11

Designed to work with: ID:Core Stereo 20, ID:Core Stereo 40, ID:Core Stereo 40H and ID:Core BEAM. Connect a Blackstar FS-11 footcontroller to control your ID:Core in one of the following modes: In Alternative Mode (selected via INSIDER) patches will cycle on a ʻloopʼ. e.g. switching up from Bass 2 will move to Clean Warm. When in Manual Mode, the effect of any footcontroller switch will depend on its last state. Pressing Switch 1 will return the amplifier to Patch Mode. Pressing Switch 2 will toggle the effects off and on without returning to Patch Mode. 

10. Zoom SMF-1

The SMF-1 is a shock mount for the F1 Field Recorder. With the SMF-1 you can connect the F1 Field Recorder to your DSLR camera. The SMF-1 shock absorber bridge is designed to avoid unwanted knocking noises caused by vibrations when shooting while driving.