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Every office space or study room needs to be well lit - this can be achieved with this tall, LED lamp. Made out of durable aluminium, the piece is very stable and offers an industrial, contemporary look, which will elevate not only the illumination in the room, but also its decor style to another level. As it features 2 point lighting, it can light up even bigger rooms or offices, or give enough light for 2 separate desks. What is more, each light is controlled by a different panel, placed both on the front and back - this means two people can adjust the lamp to their different needs at the same time. The lamp also has various functions, such as motion sensor, which can turn it on whenever it detects movement. It also features daylight energy saving mode, which adjusts the intensity of the light depending on the time of day. Lastly, it allows for manual dimming, as well as selecting a mode and intensity via a touch panel on the front.

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