• Put it on a display pedestal: turn your decoration into art


    by Pia Seidel

Console tables

Console tables are multifunctional pieces that adorn your home while providing a practical surface for storage and display. Often placed in entryways, living rooms, or hallways, these tables are the perfect resting place for keys, decorative items, books, and more. Homeowners who appreciate both aesthetic appeal and utility find console tables an indispensable addition to their decor, using them to create a welcoming ambiance near entrances or to fill an empty wall space with elegance and function.

Understanding the key properties of console tables is critical when selecting the most suitable piece for your home. One crucial aspect is the width of the table, with a typical console table being around 80cm wide—blending suitability for narrower spaces with enough surface area for practical use. Another significant consideration is the material group, such as wood, which provides a classic, sturdy feel and may come in a variety of finishes to complement your home's style. Customers can filter by width to find a size that fits their allotted space perfectly and by material group for aesthetic compatibility with existing furniture and interior themes.

In the realm of console tables, various premium brands offer distinctive designs and features. Versa introduces the Carole, a model that delivers a timeless aesthetic suitable for any modern home. VidaXL's Destiny console table brings a blend of utility and minimalist design, proving to be a favorite for contemporary interiors. Vasagle offers the Mike, a robust addition to its line, reflecting both functionality and modern craftsmanship. AC Design's Newton console table stands out with its unique structural elements, marrying form and function effortlessly, while La Redoute Interieurs' Hiba showcases industrial appeal with its combination of wood and metal. Each of these brands provides a range of console tables designed to meet different tastes and functional needs, ensuring you’ll find just the right piece to elevate your space.