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Lighting accessories

Illuminate your living space with our diverse range of lighting accessories at our online shop. Discover everything you need to enhance the functionality and atmosphere of your indoor lighting, from essential smart home ecosystems that connect and control your lights, to power supplies and transformers vital for optimal operation. Upgrade your lighting with top brands such as Philips Hue with their renowned Bridge, which acts as the heart of their smart lighting ecosystem, or Paulmann's Smart Home Zigbee Gateway Smik for seamless integration of your light fixtures. Philips offers reliable power supplies like their 100 W to 24 V unit, while Kave Home's Pontos line adds a touch of elegance and Osram brings high-quality transformers to ensure your lighting operates smoothly.

When browsing our selection of lighting accessories, consider the 'Application range' property to ensure compatibility with your indoor space. For those invested in creating a smart, interconnected home, selecting accessories compatible with a 'Smart home ecosystem' like Philips Hue can streamline the control of your lighting and create the perfect ambiance with ease. Use these properties for filtering options to find the ideal accessory that meets your specific needs, whether it's for efficiency, aesthetics, or the seamless integration of your lights. From hobbyists to professionals looking to update their lighting infrastructure, our collection of lighting accessories is curated to ensure that you find exactly what you're looking for to illuminate your life. Shop brands like Philips, Paulmann, Kave Home, and Osram to discover unparalleled quality and innovation in lighting accessories.