Best Lexon products in the Alarm clocks category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Lexon products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Lexon Flip Premium

Flip Premium Alarm Clock. Is the alarm really on? Any uncertainty vanishes with this clock from the hands of Jeremy & Adrian Wright for the brand Lexon. Because whether the clock sounds its alarm the next morning depends on which side you put the metal case on: A tangibly perforated On/Off label on the top visible in each case leaves no room for doubt. The display rotates 180° as if by magic and also shows the alarm time in the corner when On - it doesn't get any clearer than that, good night! And if you want to read the time at night, just snap your fingers - and a sensor for sounds causes the display light to come on. Lexon now delivers the Flip Premium Alarm Clock with an integrated battery, which is charged with an included USB-C cable in three hours, but promises a wireless use of three months. 

2. Lexon HOPE - PINK

3. Lexon Flip +

Designed by the Wright brothers, this award-winning revival of multiple design awards works by turning on and off with a single twist. Equipped with an LCD screen, a touch-snooze function and covered with silicone rubber, Flip watch comes in various versions to accessories of your bed so indispensable. On the On side, the alarm is activated and shows the time on the left and the alarm time on the right. The alarm can be switched on and off by turning the alarm clock clockwise. The large letters on the top and bottom clearly indicate which mode is active. On the Off side, the alarm is deactivated and the alarm clock shows only the time. The touch pad illuminates the display when touched. A portion of extra sleep is provided by the Snooze function. 

4. Lexon Flip+

Flip+ RCC radio alarm clock. Is the alarm really on? All uncertainty disappears with this watch from the hands of Jeremy & Adrian Wright for the Lexon brand. Whether or not the watch will sound the alarm the next morning depends on which side of the watch you put the rubberized case on: A large on/off lettering on the visible top side leaves no doubt. The display rotates 180° as if by magic and additionally shows the alarm time in the corner during On - it couldn't be clearer, good night. A sensor surface provides for the display illumination or the popular snooze function of the clock. Lexon now supplies the popular, battery-powered design as a Flip+ RCC radio alarm clock, so that the time is automatically set to the exact second in the respective transmitter range. DesignPlus award, reddot design award 2013. 

5. Lexon HOPE -KAKHI

6. Lexon HOPE - WHITE