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1. Nachtmann Noblesse

Beer mug STK/1 617/92 Noblesse UK/4.

2. Nachtmann Beer Glass Set/4 7886/55 Celebration UK/3

Beer glass set/4 7886/55 Celebration UK/3.

Nachtmann Beer Glass Set/4 7886/55 Celebration UK/3 (0.38 l)
Beer glasses
26,95 EUR was 36,45 EUR

Nachtmann Beer Glass Set/4 7886/55 Celebration UK/3

0.38 l

3. Nachtmann Bierkrüge Noblesse

Nachtmann Beer Mugs Noblesse 0.5 litre Set of 2

This beer mug is the ultimate companion for beer lovers. The robust stein ensures maximum enjoyment with every
sip. The beer stays cold longer and you get a refreshing experience until the last drop. Enjoy beautiful moments with friends, at barbecues and on game nights. Cheers to the perfect beer enjoyment!The Noblesse series brings a touch of luxury to your home and delights with its revival of classic design. The products, cut from the finest crystal, are a must-have for anyone who wants their home to shine in new splendour.

Item details:
Diameter: approx. 9.4 cm
Width with handle: approx. 14.5 cm
Height: approx. 13.9 cm
Capacity brimful: 600 ml
Feature: Dishwasher safe, Increased break resistance.

Nachtmann Bierkrüge Noblesse (0.60 l)
Beer glasses
30,95 EUR was 38,45 EUR

Nachtmann Bierkrüge Noblesse

0.60 l