Best Osram products in the Bulbs category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Osram products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Osram Tube

Fluorescent lamp T5 13W G5 950lm, warm white.
Rod shape, short, compact and slim, good colour rendering, ideal for low-cost creative illumination and decoration,
very good luminous flux behaviour over life, applications: shops, supermarkets. 

Osram Tube (G5, 13 W, 970 lm, 1 x, G)
only 1 piece 
7,16 EUR was 7,93 EUR

Osram Tube

G5, 13 W, 970 lm, 1 x, G


2. Osram fluorescent tube

Fluorescent tube G5 14 W Warm-White 830 Tube shape (Ø x L) 16 mm x 549 mm EEK: A+ 1 pc.

Osram fluorescent tube (G5, 14 W, 1200 lm, 1 x, F)
5,19 EUR

Osram fluorescent tube

G5, 14 W, 1200 lm, 1 x, F


3. Osram Slim Line

Slim LED lamps with R7s retrofit base. Particularly compact dimensions. Lower heat generation (compared to the standard reference product). Long life of up to 15,000 h. . Areas of application: General lighting at ambient temperatures of -20...+40 °C. Outdoor applications only in suitable luminaires. 

Osram Slim Line (R7s, 7 W, 806 lm, 1 x, E)
12,79 EUR

Osram Slim Line

R7s, 7 W, 806 lm, 1 x, E


4. Osram Lumilux

Power = 30 W
inch length = 3ft
length metric = 900mm
Lamp size = T8
Colour temperature = 6500K
Lamp socket = G13
Colour = daylight
Cover colour/ reference colour
= 865
Luminous intensity = 2350 lm
Lamp filling = Triphosphor
Colour rendering = 80
lifetime = 20000h
EU energy efficiency class = A

A lamp breaking is extremely unlikely to have any adverse effects on your health. However, if a lamp breaks, you should ventilate the room for 30 minutes before removing the parts (preferably with gloves on). The parts should be taken for recycling at your local waste facility. Fluorescent tubes Osram Lumilux T8. The Osram LUMILUX T8 fluorescent tube has very good luminance retention and colour rendering properties. This series of high-performance fluorescent tubes has an average life of 20,000 hours when used with electronic HF ballasts. The LUMILUX T8 is ideal for applications such as public buildings, offices, restaurants, industry, shops, hotels, supermarkets, department stores and for street lighting with suitable outdoor luminaires. Benefits:. Proven lamp technology High economy thanks to high efficiency 90 % maintenance of luminous intensity over the service life of the lamp Good colour rendering Dimmable High-quality three-band phosphor. Product Applications:. Typical applications include office lighting, shops, supermarkets and factories. Lumilux T8 lamps can be used in some outdoor applications, but this is dependent on the luminaire being used.

Osram Lumilux (G13, 30 W, 2350 lm, 1 x, G)
11,58 EUR

Osram Lumilux

G13, 30 W, 2350 lm, 1 x, G


5. Osram LED Base Classic B

Compared to normal LED lamps, they are characterised by higher efficiency, wider beam angle and even lower power consumption. Due to the vertical arrangement of the filaments, the light is distributed homogeneously in all directions and the appearance is strongly reminiscent of earlier incandescent lamps. The LEDs immediately develop their full light output and generate significantly less heat than conventional incandescent lamps or energy-saving lamps. No UV radiation. Free of mercury. Outdoor use in outdoor luminaires with at least IP44 protection, and with filament lamps without plastic content even directly outdoors. 

Osram LED Base Classic B (E14, 4 W, 470 lm, 5 x, E)
9,71 EUR

Osram LED Base Classic B

E14, 4 W, 470 lm, 5 x, E


6. Osram Led Base Classic A

Osram Led Base Classic A (E27, 14 W, 1521 lm, 3 x, F)
9,28 EUR

Osram Led Base Classic A

E27, 14 W, 1521 lm, 3 x, F


7. Osram Lumilux lamp

OSRAM LAMPE Lumilux lamp L 36/827-1 Manufacturer: OSRAM LAMPE Name: Lumilux lamp 36W Type: L 36/827-1 Energy efficiency class of the light source according to EU regulation 2019/2015: G Energy efficiency class range: A to G Base: G13 Luminous flux: 3100 lm Lamp wattage: 36 W Color rendering index CRI: 80-89 Color temperature: 2700 K Lamp shape: rod Luminous efficacy: 86 lm/W Light color: 827 Light color according to EN 12464-1: warm white 

Osram Lumilux lamp (G13, 36 W, 3100 lm, G)
9,– EUR

Osram Lumilux lamp

G13, 36 W, 3100 lm, G


8. Osram Fluorescent lamps

Rod shape, ideal for cost-effective and creative lighting, very good luminous flux behaviour throughout the entire service life, compact and slim, average service life up to 8,000 hours. 

Osram Fluorescent lamps (G5, 4 W, 140 lm, 1 x, G)
7,96 EUR

Osram Fluorescent lamps

G5, 4 W, 140 lm, 1 x, G


9. Osram Fluorescent tube

Ideal for cost-effective creative illumination and decoration. Very good luminous flux behaviour over the service life.

Osram Fluorescent tube (G5, 8 W, 385 lm, 1 x, G)
6,99 EUR

Osram Fluorescent tube

G5, 8 W, 385 lm, 1 x, G


10. Osram Fluorescent lamp

Osram Fluorescent lamp (G10q, 32 W, 2250 lm, 1 x, G)
19,46 EUR

Osram Fluorescent lamp

G10q, 32 W, 2250 lm, 1 x, G