Best Billerbeck products in the Duvets category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Billerbeck products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Billerbeck 342 BRILLIANT

Fluffy soft sleeping comfort
Very cuddly
Particularly good temperature equalisation
Cover with hydrophilic finish - without optical brighteners
Filling: Fluffy camel
hair, 100 % camel hair

Cover: Superfine, extra soft satin, 100 % cotton, hydrophilic, without optical brighteners.

Billerbeck 342 BRILLIANT
141,99 EUR

Billerbeck 342 BRILLIANT

2. Billerbeck Uno

With the Kids bedding segment, we also ensure a good night's sleep for the little ones. Because child-friendly bedding is a commitment for Billerbeck.

Billerbeck Uno (100 x 135 cm)
84,95 EUR

Billerbeck Uno

100 x 135 cm

3. Billerbeck Belair

These blankets are filled with AIRTEC fibre from Billerbeck. This filling is extremely light with significantly higher heat retention.
Some people still believe
that the quality of a duvet can be judged by the filling weight: the heavier, the better. But this is not true. This duvet in particular offers normal warmth retention with the lowest weight. This is the definition of sleeping comfort!

What does hydrophilic mean?
The word "hydrophilic" comes from the Greek and literally means "moisture-friendly". Moisture that is produced by perspiration during sleep is absorbed much better by a blanket with hydrophilic cover fabric and released again more quickly. This moisture transport always provides a pleasant and dry sleeping climate.

AIRTEC microfibre, 100% polyester

- High-tech fibre with high air entrapment
- extremely light with significantly higher heat retention
- proven in outdoor textiles

cuddly soft mako batiste, 100% cotton, hydrophilic


Billerbeck Belair
184,– EUR

Billerbeck Belair

4. Billerbeck 321 CLASSIC-CLEAN

Supple, soft and cosy
High heat retention
Boil-proof and hard-wearing
Especially suitable for allergy sufferers
Washable up to 95°C
Filling: AIRSOFT® clean, hollow
fibre, boil-proof, 100 % polyester

Cover: Velvety soft microfibre fabric, 100 % polyester.

Billerbeck 321 CLASSIC-CLEAN
264,– EUR

Billerbeck 321 CLASSIC-CLEAN

5. Billerbeck Wash

Billerbeck Wash (1100 g, 135 x 200 cm)
94,90 EUR

Billerbeck Wash

1100 g, 135 x 200 cm

6. Billerbeck Sundream

The washable Sundream summer quilts optimally combine nature and hygiene requirements.
Silk is obtained from the cocoon of the cultivated mulberry moth or the wild
tussah silk moth. The fine threads are then thoroughly cleaned or degummed. Silk ensures high temperature equalisation and is therefore particularly suitable for light summer duvets.

This quilt is kind to the skin, offers a pleasantly natural sleeping climate, balances temperature and moisture and is washable in household washing machines up to 30°C. The ideal natural summer quilt for the hygiene-conscious sleeper.

100% tussah silk

100% cotton fine fabric


Billerbeck Sundream (500 g, 135 x 200 cm)
114,– EUR

Billerbeck Sundream

500 g, 135 x 200 cm

7. Billerbeck Cotton duvet Wash Cotton extra light, filling: 100% cotton

Cotton fine fabric
100% cotton

100% cotton.

Billerbeck Cotton duvet Wash Cotton extra light, filling: 100% cotton (700 g, 155 x 220 cm)
84,90 EUR

Billerbeck Cotton duvet Wash Cotton extra light, filling: 100% cotton

700 g, 155 x 220 cm