Best Woood products in the Mirrors category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Woood products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Woood Philou

Mirror in organic form Tight design with super thin frame Several sizes available H 80 x W 50 x D 0,5 cm The Philou mirror series is remarkable for its organic design. Philou is from the collection of the Dutch brand WOOOD. The modern design of Philou is characterised by its fine black metal frame. Philou is 80 cm high, 50 cm wide and only half a centimetre thick. The frame is 2 mm wide. Philou is also available in two other sizes with organic form, 60x55 cm and 60x59 cm. On the back of the mirror there is a metal hanging plate, at a height of 4 cm from the top. The Philou mirror is delivered without screws. Philou has a weight of 1,6 kg. Protect vulnerable walls by placing a thin layer of felt at the back of the mirror. 

2. Woood Doutzen

This generous round mirror Doutzen comes from the collection of the Dutch brand WOOOD. The mirror has a HRP sheet edge[hot rolled sheet], it is a steel plate that is hot rolled and suitable for welding. This material is often used in the kitchen and is wear resistant. The steel edge is painted black. This Doutzen mirror has a diameter of 50 cm, the edge is 4 mm thick and 5 cm deep. The mirror weighs 3 kg. The mirror glass complies with the European standard. The round Doutzen mirror is also available with a diameter of 115 cm and also in a rectangular version in two sizes. 

Woood Doutzen (Ø 50 cm)
87,90 EUR was 99,90 EUR

Woood Doutzen

Ø 50 cm

3. Woood Romee

- Organically shaped mirror - Of very generous size - Metal frame with matt black powder coating - H 37 cm x � 60 cm Easily double the optical space with a mirror of format! The organic mirror Romee, from the collection of Dutch interior design brand WOOOD, is a flexible solution for your living space. Romee has a playful shape and four hanging points at the back, making it possible to attach Romee to the wall both horizontally and vertically. Material The mirrored glass from our collections are characterised by their clear reflection and smooth structure. A mirror is composed of a transparent glass with a layer of silver-coloured metal behind it. Coloured mirrored glass gets its colouring in the glass plate, so it retains its bright reflection. Dimensions - Highest dimension: 100 cm - Widest size: 70 cm - Thickness: 4 cm - Frame thickness: 3 mm - Suspension system: 4x screw hole in frame (� 6 mm), flexible suspension options. - Weight: 8.4 kg Maintenance Keep mirror easily dust-free with a clean, dry cloth. Any stains can easily be removed with a slightly damp, clean cloth. After-drying ensures a streak-free result. Be very careful while handling the mirror, glassware remains a fragile material. Delivery The Romee mirror is delivered in one package. 

Woood Romee (100 x 70 x 4 cm)
169,– EUR was 189,– EUR

Woood Romee

100 x 70 x 4 cm

4. Woood Sanou

The Sanou XL mirror is from the Dutch brand Woood. The Sanou XL mirror has an iron frame with antique brass finish. Two hooks are attached to the iron frame so that the mirror can be hung lengthwise and widthwise. This mirror is also available in size L. 

Woood Sanou (60 x 168 cm)
229,– EUR

Woood Sanou

60 x 168 cm

5. Woood Wolf

Sturdy vintage mirror handmade. Mirror size 52.5 cm 75 cm and 7 cm deep. Wolf is made of metal with black finish. The wide rim of 10 cm gives Wolf a robust appearance. Since the mirror is a handmade, unique and vintage piece, differences in appearance may occur. The inner size of the mirror is 52.5 cm. On the back of the mirror is a hook that allows you to easily attach the mirror to the wall. 

Woood Wolf (Ø 75 cm)
109,– EUR was 119,– EUR

Woood Wolf

Ø 75 cm