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1. Zeller Present Cork glass coaster set

Made of cork, round shape, suitable as a glazier.

Zeller Present Cork glass coaster set (6 x)
7,20 EUR

Zeller Present Cork glass coaster set

6 x

2. Zeller Present Glass coaster set

En bambou, six sous-verres, dans un support.

Zeller Present Glass coaster set (6 x)
13,42 EUR

Zeller Present Glass coaster set

6 x

3. Zeller Present Cork Coaster

Zeller Present Pot Coaster Cork, Application: Pans, Colour: Brown, Material: Cork.

Zeller Present Cork Coaster
10,01 EUR

Zeller Present Cork Coaster

4. Zeller Present Coaster

With this natural cork coaster, annoying residues on surfaces are a thing of the past. It also protects against hot pot and pan bottoms. The coaster is available in different sizes. So pots, pans, small bowls, glass decanters and much more find a safe place on your table. 

Zeller Present Coaster
7,95 EUR was 8,99 EUR

Zeller Present Coaster

5. Westmark Natural slate coasters

These practical slate coasters will go perfectly with your dining table. They have a stable stand thanks to their non-slip feet on the bottom.

Westmark Natural slate coasters (8 x)
21,74 EUR

Westmark Natural slate coasters

8 x

6. Joseph Joseph Stretch

The small space miracle Stretch can be pulled apart if necessary. So the coaster is just as suitable for small pots as for large pans or casseroles. After use, they simply push stretch together again and stow it in the cupboard to save space.

Stretch is not only scratch and slip resistant, but also heat resistant up to 340°C. Once the pull-out coaster has become dirty, it can be easily cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher.

Joseph Joseph offers his extendable coaster Stretch in different colours.

Joseph Joseph Stretch (1 x)
19,93 EUR

Joseph Joseph Stretch

1 x

7. Auerhahn Mister X

The trivet Mister X lies very quickly on the table and can disappear just as quickly. Because, the X-shaped coaster can be folded up easily and space-saving. The combination of stainless steel and silicone fits on every table - whether everyday or festive occasion. And after use, Mister X disappears discreetly back into the drawer. 

Auerhahn Mister X (1 x)
29,99 EUR

Auerhahn Mister X

1 x

8. Folia Beer coaster

Folia cardboard beer lid round, 100 pieces. Diameter: 107 mm.

Folia Beer coaster (100 x)
10,99 EUR

Folia Beer coaster

100 x

9. Creativ Company Coaster

Coasters, size 10x10x0,3 cm, 50 pcs/ 1 pck. Small MDF boards with round corners - for decorating/decorating with various techniques .

Creativ Company Coaster
15,45 EUR

Creativ Company Coaster

10. WMF Chromozone

Pot mat Chromozone black WMF 06.3206.6030.
made of matt stainless steel, stainless combined with silicone.