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1. Gravity Duvet

The Gravity Blanket is a high quality, therapeutically weighted blanket that uses 7-12% of your body weight to relax the nervous system by simulating the sensationof being held or hugged. Specifically, Gravity uses the power of proprioceptive input (commonly known as "deep touch pressure stimulation"), a well-known therapeutic method that stimulates pressure points on the body associated with improved sleep, mood, and relaxation. 

Gravity Duvet
129,– EUR

Gravity Duvet

2. Badenia Trendline Clean Cotton light

The Clean Cotton quilt has a 100% cotton percale cover. The filling is also made of 100% cotton, which has the property of absorbing moisture very well and releasingit back into the outside air. The duvet is wonderfully cuddly and noticeably soft. It can be washed at up to 95° C and is suitable for people with house dust allergies. German brand product 

Badenia Trendline Clean Cotton light
39,64 EUR

Badenia Trendline Clean Cotton light

3. Redbest Atlanta

Redbest Side Sleeper Pillow Atlanta. The side sleeper pillow puts you in a correct lying position. Tension in the shoulders, back and neck is prevented. It is coveredwith a check-quilted microfibre cover made of smooth, silky fabric. This forms a perfect symbiosis with the soft, cuddly fibre filling. You enjoy excellent lying comfort, optimum moisture transport and a wonderful sleeping climate. Easy to care for, hygienically washable and allergy-friendly. The product is packed vacuum packed, it unfolds its full bulkiness only after opening. The filling consists of siliconised hollow fibre. 

Redbest Atlanta (40 x 140 cm)
23,49 EUR

Redbest Atlanta

40 x 140 cm

4. Blackroll Recovery Blanket

Blackroll duvet Recovery Blanket: Suitable for allergy sufferers thanks to synthetic down - With the Blackroll duvet Recovery Blanket you get an easy-care duvetthat you can wash up to 60 °C and put in the dryer. Due to the cuddly outer material made of cotton, the blanket can also be used without a cover. The longitudinal quilting of the duvet ensures a pleasant fit to the body. Thanks to the PrimaLoft technology, the Blackroll duvet Recovery Blanket is suitable for every season: the fibres optimally transport moisture and form air chambers so that you always sleep dry and warm. Further advantages of the PrimaLoft technology: the blanket is therefore very compressible and remains permanently puffy. Do you like it cosier in the colder months? The blanket can easily be buttoned together with the Blackroll duvet Recovery Blanket ultralite. If you want to take the blanket with you when you travel, simply roll it up quickly and store it hygienically in the travel bag provided. - Product details: - Cover material: 97 % cotton, 3 % polyester - Filling material: 480 g/m² PrimaLoft"¯Gold Insulation made from 100 % polyester, of which min. 40 % recycled polyester - Material Travel Bag: 100 % polyester - Blanket dimensions (LxW): 135x200 cm - Blanket dimensions rolled up in the Travel Bag: 37x22 cm - Blanket & Travel Bag weight: 1.55 kg - Blanket colour: Light grey - Travel Bag colour: Black Area of application: entire body - Outer material: Cotton - Filling material: Polyester - Dimensions: 135x200 cm 

Blackroll Recovery Blanket (135 x 200 cm)
187,48 EUR

Blackroll Recovery Blanket

135 x 200 cm

5. Erwin Müller Children bed set 2 pcs.

Erwin Müller children's bed set 2-piece. Consisting of quilt and pillow or flat pillow. The filling of puffy hollow fibers is cuddly soft, cuddly and moisture-regulating.Together with the cover made of microfibers results in an easy-care set, which is characterized by hygienic washability.
Quilt. In cuddly body quilting. All around with ribbon edging.
Pillow or flat pillow (40x60 cm).Filling: hollow fibers, 100% polyester.
Cover: microfiber, 100% polyester

Product Features:
- Quilt
- Pillow
- from 3 years
- from 3 years
- Pillow: Filling weight: approx. 140 g
- Quilt: filling weight: approx. 450 g
- 2-piece
- in uni design

- Cover: 100% polyester (PES).
- Filling: 100% polyester (PES).

Erwin Müller Children bed set 2 pcs. (590 g, 100 x 135 cm, 40 x 60 cm)
23,45 EUR

Erwin Müller Children bed set 2 pcs.

590 g, 100 x 135 cm, 40 x 60 cm

6. Traumschlaf Himalayas

Upholstery fabric:
Fine single ply (Nm 100/100), 100% cotton

White new down, class I, 100% down.

Traumschlaf Himalayas
244,99 EUR

Traumschlaf Himalayas

7. BettwarenShop Toronto


BettwarenShop Toronto
234,99 EUR

BettwarenShop Toronto

8. Gravity Cooling

Would you like to stay cool in the warmer seasons and still enjoy all the benefits of our scientifically researched Gravity cover? Then the new Cooling Blanke fromGravity is perfect for you. The Cooling Blanket is available in the same size and colour as our original Gravity Blanket, but also features a revolutionary moisture-wicking material. Because nothing is more comfortable than a stress-free night, which is also sweat-free!

- A luxurious, scientifically researched weight blanket that accounts for approximately 10% of your body weight.
- This design features a revolutionary cooling fabric that is optimized to wick away moisture and make you feel younger.
- Each blanket features a high quality duvet cover made from a breathable technical fabric that wicks away moisture and an inner weighted piece with fine glass beads.
- Precise grid stitches ensure that the glass beads remain evenly distributed and provide comfort for even the largest throwing and turning devices.
- The breathable duvet cover is not only super soft, but also easy to remove, so cleaning is stress-free.
- Please note! The cover is machine washable (wash in cold water, tumble dry at low temperature), while the inner weighted cover can only be hand washed and air dried.

Gravity Cooling (11000 g, 121 x 181)
129,– EUR

Gravity Cooling

11000 g, 121 x 181

9. BettwarenShop Comfort medium

High-quality duvet with good heat regulation
With the Comfort eiderdown duvet, we offer you a universal product that you can use all year round. As a year-round
duvet, it ensures the right climate in your bed at any temperature. The breathable and skin-friendly duvet is ideal for house dust allergy sufferers.

The Comfort warm duvet at a glance:
- Cover: fine cotton fabric made from 100% cotton
- Filling: down (60 %) and feathers (40 %) (class 1), 2 cm quilt with satin piping
- Breathable and skin-friendly
- Ideal for allergy sufferers
- made in Germany

Optimum bedding in every season
As the name suggests, the great advantage of an all-season duvet is that you don't have to change from a summer duvet to a winter duvet. The Comfort duvet keeps you warm on cold nights and prevents you from sweating too much on warmer days. The 100% cotton cover makes the duvet pleasant and soft on the skin. If necessary, you can machine wash the Comfort warm duvet at 60°C and then tumble dry it.

The all-season duvet (not only) for allergy sufferers
As an allergy sufferer, it is particularly important to be free of discomfort while sleeping. The breathable Comfort down duvet ensures that substances or bacteria that cause discomfort are kept away and that there is good circulation within the duvet.

The down and feathers in the filling comply with class 1 of the European standard EN 12934, so you can rely on the good quality of the duvet and enjoy a relaxing night's sleep despite allergies.

BettwarenShop Comfort medium
114,99 EUR

BettwarenShop Comfort medium

10. Traumschlaf Camel hair

Benefit from particularly high sleep quality!
Special summer and winter blankets were yesterday. Here you get a
a high-quality duvet that provides cosy warmth all
year round.
warmth all year round. From cold days in winter to mild summer
summer nights to the transitional period in spring or autumn. And it gets
even better, because this model contains the finest camel hair, making it a
a particularly luxurious and durable duvet. We offer you
you this exceptional model here at a lucrative price offer.

All-season quilt at a glance:
- exclusive camel hair all-season quilt for all seasons
- Material: filling 100% camel hair
- Cover: Premium batiste with aloe vera (100% cotton)
- Camel hair: luxury natural sleep, extremely supple, temperature-balancing with high moisture absorption
- available in different sizes
- colour: white
- Packaging: comfort carry bag

Scope of delivery: the pillows shown are not included in the scope of delivery!

Skin-friendly material & freshness through aloe vera
With the purchase of the all-season quilt you decide for a quilt
quilt, which convinces with high quality material. Camel hair is
particularly supple and thus enables a pleasantly soft feel of the
feel of the quilt. The moisture regulating properties also contribute
also contribute to the high sleeping comfort. The all-year quilt
you may already be dreaming of your next holiday, because the cover of this model
cover of this model also has skin-friendly aloe vera.
Here you can choose the size of the quilt yourself.

Filling weight:
135 x 200 cm 1000 g
155 x 200 cm 1150 g
155 x 220 cm 1250 g
200 x 200 cm 1500 g
200 x 220 cm 1650 g
240 x 220 cm 1950 g.

Traumschlaf Camel hair
214,99 EUR

Traumschlaf Camel hair