Top-rated products in the Fireplace accessories category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. wolfcraft Modular XXL Stacking Aid for Firewood

For storing 25 - 50 cm logs, its modularity adapts perfectly to any situation. Four extension elements of 425 mm each enable fast, tool-free dismounting and mounting in different heights and widths. Five plastic spacers ensure optimum ventilation of the wood from below. Ideal for outdoor use and can be loaded up to 1.4 m high or 3.2 m wide, for max. 1.6 m³ wood. 

2. CU Firewood bag

The large, spacious firewood bag is the perfect accessory for the home fireplace. Transport firewood comfortably and easily. The felt basket not only carries firewood. Thanks to the two, large handles, the bag is also suitable as a generous shopping bag. Keep your children's room tidy with the toy basket. The bag made of soft felt protects both the contents and your parquet floor. The tote bag is foldable and can be easily stored to save space. 

3. Relaxdays Ash Bucket with Lid and Shovel

Metal Coal Bucket with Lid and Ash Shovel. This robust fireplace bucket in chic black is perfectly suited for storing, transporting and taking out coal and ash. Thanks to the handle, you can conveniently carry the bin back and forth while the lid keeps it closed, so that no ash can get on your furniture. A companion shovel will help you clean oven, fireplace or BBQ and move around or take out ashes. 

4. wolfcraft Stacking Aid for Firewood

5. Relaxdays Fireplace Grate With Feet

Angular Fireplace Grate With Feet

The cold winter months will have you cosying up on the couch in front of the warmth of natural heating from the fireplace. The
hard-wearing gridiron will make the ideal tool for the optimal look and function. The grate has 4 feet. Theses ensure that there is enough air circulating between the bottom of the fireplace and the solid fuel for efficient lighting. At the same time, keeping it all in place with the raised crossbars to ensure nothing rolls off.

The solid steel andiron is suitable for an open or closed fireplace, masonry heater or the open garden fire pit.

6. Relaxdays Spark protection grille

With the spark guard you can enjoy the evening in front of the fireplace. The black fireplace grid made of powder-coated steel prevents fire sparks from landing on the floor, carpet or even the skin. The fine grid holds back ashes and embers. The robust steel frame is extremely resistant and durable thanks to powder coating. The three-part stove protection is self-standing and easily shields fireplaces of common size. If required, the protective grille can be folded up and stowed away to save space. With the spark protection grille in a simple and elegant design, you can complement your fireplace accessories in a sensible way. 

7. CU for firewood

With the felt bag "firewood" you can easily and safely transport the wood for your fireplace and store it at the fireplace.

The soft but very robust material leaves
no scratches or marks on the floor. Thanks to the dense felt, the wood chips remain in the bag and do not spread around the house when carried.

With its size, the maximum capacity of 15 kg and the two sturdy handles, the felt bag "Firewood" is a universal aid in everyday life.

Dimensions: 50 x 25 x 25 cm, with carrying strap approx. 40 cm high
Material: made of 100 % polyester felt, material thickness 5 mm.

8. Relaxdays Ash bucket

Black ash pan with lid and handle. The black ash garbage can made of powder-coated steel is the ideal addition to your fireplace accessories. With 12 liters of volume, the ash bucket offers enough space for the cooled ashes of a burned fireplace. Thanks to the lid, the fireplace bucket is securely closed and the contents are protected from blowing away. The practical handle makes it easy for you to carry. The steel bucket is also suitable as an accessory for stoves or barbecues, as well as for storing charcoal, pellets and briquettes. Attention: Do not fill glowing hot ashes into the bucket. 

9. Relaxdays Firewood rack

Extendable firewood rack made of metal

This wood stacking aid allows you to neatly store logs for your fireplace or stove. During the winter heating period, you
always have dry firewood at hand with the firewood holder, because thanks to its high design, the shelf offers a lot of storage space. You can adjust the width of the wood rack to suit your needs. Place the robust wood stacking rack made of powder-coated steel in a protected outdoor area, in the cellar, the garage or indoors.

Adjustable firewood rack

-Adjustable widths: approx. 230, 199 and 168 cm
-Orderly storage of fireplace and firewood
-Next to fireplace or stove, in cellar, shed, etc.
-Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
-Ideal for long evenings by the fireplace
-Adjust width flexibly according to requirements

Scope of delivery:
1x firewood rack in individual parts
Assembly instructions
Decorative items are not included in the scope of delivery

10. Relaxdays Tall Firewood Rack

Chic Firewood Storage Rack. This tall firewood rack provides plenty of storage space for stacking logs. This way you can enjoy your time by the fireplace and always have new wood at hand. The slim stacking aid ideally fits in with its decorative black look. It is made of powder-coated steel to be especially robust and can also be used in a garage, shed or protected outdoor space.