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1. Zeller Present Sprayer

Made of glass, with stainless steel head and plastic pump.

2. OXO Chef's Dispenser Bottle, medium, 350 ml

Dishwasher safe and BPA free.

3. Zeller Present Donor

Stylish restaurant flair - with this noble glass bottle for vinegar and oil you can garnish your salads and other dishes especially beautifully. The spout made of high-quality metal is equipped with a cap, excess oil can no longer drip down the spout. The grooved surface of the bottle not only looks beautiful, it also makes the bottle especially handy. 

4. Eva Solo dressing shaker

Add vinegar and oil to the shaker, shake well and serve drip-free.

5. Eva Solo MyFlavour

Thanks to the large upper opening, the practical and elegant dressing shaker can easily be filled with the desired dressing ingredients. When shaking, the lid remains completely tight. If, for example, the dressing is dripped over a salad, the spout ensures 100% drip-free pouring. 

6. Cole & Mason Sawston Classic

As part of Cole & Mason Oil & Vinegar range, this product has been designed as a practical and elegant solution for oil, vinegar and other pourables storage and dispensing. Cole & Mason drip return systems mean that no oil or vinegar should escape down the side of the bottle so no messy counter tops or oily exteriors. All of Cole & Mason pourers are designed to be filled easily and have large capacities to allow for longer usage between fillings. The classic designs will look great in the kitchen or on table top. 

7. OXO Chef's Dispenserflasche

Universal dispenser bottles for oil, salad dressings, syrup and much more. The attached cap is easy to open and close with one hand. Thanks to integrated measuring markings (ounces & mililiters), you always have a view of how much you have already used and remains in the bottle. 

8. Cole & Mason Oil & vinegar dispenser Flow Control

Cole&Mason oil & vinegar dispenser Flow Control.

Cole & Mason Oil & vinegar dispenser Flow Control (350 ml)
Oil dispenser + Vinegar dispensers
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Cole & Mason Oil & vinegar dispenser Flow Control

350 ml

9. Westmark Vinegar & Oil Sprayer Set

Description The elegant duo made of glass and stainless steel should not be missing in any kitchen: The set consists of two atomizers and is suitable for economical and targeted dosing of vinegar and oil in the kitchen and at the dining table. From greasing cooking and baking utensils to refining and seasoning salads and other dishes, everything is coordinated by the easy-to-use pump sprayer. The grooved surface of the spray button prevents slipping. Highlights Material: stainless steel, glass Volume: approx. 100ml ideal dispenser for people who want to dose consciously, sparingly and precisely as the container is made of glass, the contents are visible and at the same time ensures optimum hygiene the large filling openings support easy and clean filling. 

10. GEFU Pourer Automatico

This spout adapts to any bottle neck with an inner diameter of 15 - 20 mm and ensures even pouring of e.g. vinegar or oil. The lock opens automatically when in use and closes automatically when put down.