Best products in the Mattress protectors category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Dormisette Premium Twine

Mattress Topper, Twisting calmuc, Premium

2. Traumschlaf Molton Inkontinenzauflage

The waterproof surface keeps moisture out and protects your mattress from stains and odours.

The jersey edge, made from 100% cotton, deliberately avoids any PU
coating to ensure a pleasant, natural feel. The high-quality cotton construction feels particularly soft and ensures a quiet night's sleep. Breathability is guaranteed so that you can enjoy an excellent quality of sleep.

With a weight of approx. 200 g/sqm, this topper is lightweight yet extremely hard-wearing. It is not only waterproof but also urine-resistant, providing reliable protection. Its skin-friendly properties ensure a pleasant feeling on the skin during sleep, while the heat-insulating function ensures a cosy sleeping climate.

The integrated jersey wings offer additional security and ensure that the mattress topper stays firmly in place. The jersey edge is made of 100% cotton, has no PU coating and is therefore not water-repellent! This molleton incontinence pad is suitable for mattresses with a height of approx. 20 cm to a maximum of 30 cm and offers you a hygienic and comfortable solution for your sleeping needs.

3. Aspero Matratzenschoner

Mattress topper with reversible function - One top side of the mattress protector is made of cotton, which has very breathable properties. It absorbs moisture welland wicks it away from the body. The other side is made of polyester, this material is soft, easy to clean and stores heat very well. Turn the topper according to your wishes.
In summer, the cotton side is cooling and breathable. At the same time, this material is very skin-friendly. The polyester side, which is ideal for winter, is also very skin-friendly and also stores heat.

- Suitable for allergy sufferers
- The elaborately processed casettes, which optimally keep the filling in the right place for a lifetime, are filled with polyester which can additionally absorb liquid and conduct it away from the body.
- High-quality and skin-sympathetic cotton cover for an optimal sleeping climate without sweating or freezing, because cotton is an extremely breathable material.
- With 4 elastic corner elastics which are also suitable for high mattresses

Material composition:

Material: cover underside: 100 % polyester; cover top side: 100 % cotton; filling: 100 % polyester.

4. Traumschlaf Visco Classic

- this viscoelastic mattress topper perfectly adapts to the shape of the body
- many applications: too hard mattresses, too firm sofa bed or couch, improvement of
the lying feeling
- ideal for camping in caravans and mobile homes because the cushions there are usually too firm
- no more visitor's crevice with continuous topper
- Visco foam is dust and bacteria free and therefore suitable for allergy sufferers
- unique pressure relief at low as well as at high weight load
- skin-friendly cover made of 100% polyester with 4 corner rubbers for good hold
- the cover is removable and washable
- core height: 5 cm
- volume weight RG 30
- suitable for up to 100 kg body weight
- the weight is about 4,65kg for the size 90x200 cm.

5. Traumschlaf Matratzenunterlage Vlies

- Minimised dust emissions from the mattress from below
- anti-allergic, hygienic
- prevents mould stains
- breathable
- skin-friendly
- heat-insulating
- approx.
290 g per square metre. 

6. Dormisette Premium Molton Mattress Topper

Particularly high moisture absorption capacity and unsurpassed durability due to the use of twisted yarns in the warp.

Dimensional guarantee after washing, elaborate
confection with ribbon edging and 4 corner elastics.

Material: 100% cotton
Color: white
Weight: approx. 450g/m²

This mattress topper can be used up to a height of about 26 cm.

7. BettwarenShop Double cloth quilting

To order, simply measure the core of your mattress and then select the appropriate size and height of the mattress core.
- is suitable for allergy sufferers
- double
cloth knitted fabric approx. 200g/m²
- beautiful wave quilting, quilted with approx. 200g/m² fleece
- all-around zipper (cover is therefore divisible and easily washable).

8. Traumschlaf Basic Matratzenauflage

High-quality cotton:
This underblanket mattress topper is made of 100% high-quality cotton. This natural material is not only pleasant on the skin, but also extremely
breathable and hard-wearing.

Protection and care:
The mattress topper not only provides additional comfort, but also protects your mattress from soiling and wear and tear. It ensures that your mattress remains in perfect condition for longer.

Breathability and temperature regulation:
Cotton allows excellent air circulation, which helps to prevent you from overheating during the night. It keeps you warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot.

Comfortable fit with four corner elastics:
The mattress topper is equipped with four corner elastics to ensure that it sits firmly and securely on the mattress. These corner elastics effectively prevent the topper from slipping, even when moving during sleep.

Versatile sizes:
The Basic Cotton Underblanket Mattress Topper is available in a range of sizes to ensure you can find the right size for your mattress.

9. Jekatex Matratzenauflage Hygieneauflage kochfest

- protects your mattress from dirt
- very soft and allergy friendly
- with elastic bands for comfortable fixation.

10. Erwin Müller Mattress protector

Erwin Müller Mattress Protector. The mattress pad with nap coating increases the life of your mattress, provides extra hygiene and protects against contaminationand wear. Mechanical stress is prevented. Due to the many nubs, the slatted base prevents the mattress from slipping. In addition, the necessary distance for optimal ventilation of the mattress is given. Suitable for all types of mattresses and slatted frames, especially adjustable ones. Edged all around with textile tape.

Product features:
- Mattress protector
- weight approx. 400 g/m²
- in uni design
- quality: textile fiber
- breathable
- suitable for allergy sufferers

- Material: 100% polyester (PES)

Washing instructions:
- Wash 60°.
- Do not bleach
- Drying low temperature
- Do not iron
- Do not clean.