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1. Trixie Lucano

Trixie Lucano (110 cm, White and taupe)
Cat trees
139,31 EUR

Trixie Lucano

110 cm, White and taupe

2. Trixie Boho

Stimulate your cat's natural instincts in a fun and safe way with the Boho scratching post by TRIXIE. Practical scratching post: The scratching furniture with jute scratching surface benefits both cat and owner by providing a place for your pussycat to indulge its scratching instincts. Sturdy base: This modern cat tree with cat bed offers your kitties a stable place to sharpen their claws, play and rest. It has a thick, heavy base. Comfortable cat bed: For rest, play and exercise! Your cats can spend all day in the top cat bed. It is covered with soft polyester plush.

Colour: beige | Material: jute and polyester | Size: 50 x 83 cm (diameter x H) | Cover of the upper cat bed: Excellent fabric (cotton and jute) | Cat bed lining: 300 g/m² polyester plush | Pillar diameter: 14 mm | Diameter of the jute rope: 6 mm | Removable, cosy bed (hand washable) | Thick, heavy base | Easy assembly

3. Trixie Scraper board

The Trixie Crabboard box with 2 balls is an original crabboard with two balls for additional attractiveness and fun. In this way, your cat will tend to scratch the scratchboard, not your furniture! The scratch board has a triangular shape and a beautiful wooden look. The shelf itself is made of cardboard enriched with catnip. Inside the scratchboard there is a track where two balls have been inserted that your cat can play with by tapping them back and forth through the shape. In this way Trixie combines crabs with games and your cat won't get bored! 

Trixie Scraper board (5 cm, Brown)
Cat trees
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9,29 EUR was 10,90 EUR

Trixie Scraper board

5 cm, Brown

4. Trixie Cat Tower

Height: 105 cm, Number of beds: 4 ×, Colour of details: Grey, Brown, Animal species: Cat, Product type: Cat tree.

Trixie Cat Tower (105 cm, Brown, Grey)
Cat trees
181,95 EUR

Trixie Cat Tower

105 cm, Brown, Grey

5. Trixie Cat Tower Jorge

Trixie Cat Tower Jorge (78 cm, Grey, Blue, White)
Cat trees
126,24 EUR

Trixie Cat Tower Jorge

78 cm, Grey, Blue, White

6. Trixie Scratchboard

Cat toy scratching post for big cats.

Trixie Scratchboard (11 cm, Grey)
Cat trees
23,48 EUR

Trixie Scratchboard

11 cm, Grey

7. Trixie Scratching post Lauretta

Cat tree Lauretta - 120 cm cream - sisal ø 6 mm/plush (polyester) - caves equipped with plush/fleece (polyester) - with 2 reversible cushions: Hand wash.

Trixie Scratching post Lauretta (120 cm, Cream colours)
Cat trees
259,– EUR

Trixie Scratching post Lauretta

120 cm, Cream colours

8. Trixie Citystyle Krabpaal Grijs / Zwart

Height: 98 cm, Number of beds: 5 ×, Colour of details: Grey, Black, Animal species: Cat, Product type: Cat tree.

Trixie Citystyle Krabpaal Grijs / Zwart (98 cm, Black, Gray)
Cat trees
151,19 EUR

Trixie Citystyle Krabpaal Grijs / Zwart

98 cm, Black, Gray

9. Trixie Ava

Cat Tree Ava

- with 2 reversible cushions: hand wash

- with toys on the belt

Colour: white/grey

Height: 86cm.

Trixie Ava (86 cm, White, Grey)
Cat trees
108,30 EUR

Trixie Ava

86 cm, White, Grey

10. Trixie Kitten Krabpaal Lunito Grijs / Mintgroen

Trixie Kitten Krabpaal Lunito Grijs/Mintgroen 71 cm
De Trixie Kitten Krabpaal Lunito Grijs/Mintgroen 71 cm is a krabpaal voor kittens in schapenvacht look met schuilplaats,
hangmat en twee ligplekken. Crabbing is a natural habitat for cats: this is how they keep their nails and mark their territory. In order to prevent your kitten from shedding its nails on the wall, it is advisable to have a lot of crawling furniture in the house. For this purpose, this handy crab package is uitermate geschikt! De paal bestaat uit een schuilplaats, twee ligplateaus, een hangmat en twee palen met sisal om de nagels aan scherpen. The hanging mat can be moved and can be used by hand.

- Krabpaal for kittens
- Tender schapenvacht look
- With schuilplaats, hangmat en twee ligplateaus

Dimensions: 71 cm.

Trixie Kitten Krabpaal Lunito Grijs / Mintgroen (Mintgroen, Grijs)
Cat trees
74,81 EUR

Trixie Kitten Krabpaal Lunito Grijs / Mintgroen

Mintgroen, Grijs