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1. Doctor Bark 3 Seat Car Blanket

Protection for seat and side surfaces and always hygienically cleanThe Doctor Bark 3-seat car blanket fits perfectly on the back seat, protecting not only the seat surface but also the backrests and panels from moisture and dirt.Since the Doctor Bark car blanket, like all Doctor Bark products, is washable at 95 degrees C, the blanket is easy to clean and also excellent for allergy sufferers. You will always have an absolutely hygienically clean and odorless protection for your vehicle and a comfortable and cozy place for your dog.The car blanket can be attached with a few simple steps and 4 snaps and protects the entire back seat, the backs of the front seats and the interior panels of the doors. The side panels of the car blanket can be easily opened with 2 zippers - this offers your dog a comfortable entry. Another opening in the blanket allows the dog to be buckled in, so that your dog can be transported in accordance with German road traffic regulations. 

2. Doctor Bark 3-Sitz Autodecke extra robust

Your darling travels with you on the back seat, but you don't feel like cleaning your car for hours? Then this car blanket might be just the right solution
for both of you. Quickly and easily mounted to the headrests, with four high-quality snap closures, this blanket protects your car from dirt, annoying dog hair and scratches. The practical zipper guide allows side entry and through an opening at the position of the seatbelt, your darling rides along comfortably and secured.


Additional information
All Doctor Bark products are washable at 95° C, which guarantees hygienic cleanliness and protection against stains, bacteria, viruses and parasites.

Thanks to high quality materials, neither dog claws nor teeth will harm this sturdy blanket, so it will last you a long time.

3. Doctor Bark Car cover 2-door

With the car cover for convertibles by Doctor Bark you protect the back seat, the back of the front seats and the trim of the sides in your car when your dog rides along or goes on a trip. The washable blanket is specially designed for a 2-door car. 

4. Nobby Aluminum car transport box double Round Corner

- The aluminum carbox is made of weather-resistant and impact- and break-proof aluminum composite panels. - It is particularly stable, safe and quiet. - The beveled front and back allow for optimal use of the trunk space. Rounded corners made of plastic serve to protect the car interior. - The door opens upwards with an air piston and is equipped with a lockable twist lock. - As a double box it is equipped with a removable partition and offers space for one large or two smaller dogs. - This version has the dimensions W 96.5 x D 83.5 x H 68.5 cm. - The ceiling has the length 45 cm and the diagonal sides 70 cm. 

Nobby Aluminum car transport box double Round Corner (Dog, Lockable)
Animal carriers + Bags
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Nobby Aluminum car transport box double Round Corner

Dog, Lockable

5. Ferplast Rapid

Ferplast adapter Rapid to Atlas Bike with Klickfix mounting system.

6. Beeztees Galvanized mesh box

With the Beeztees dog cage your puppy or dog will have its own safe place in the house. The galvanized cage is available with one door (715745) or with two doors. All cages are foldable. So it can be easily stored away or taken with you. The handle makes it easy to carry the cage. For added comfort, various Beeztees couch cushions can be placed inside the cage. If you want your puppy to grow with the cage, you can use the Beeztees dividers. To prevent scratches on the floor, the cage can be extended with protective feet. 

Beeztees Galvanized mesh box (Dog)
Animal carriers + Bags
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Beeztees Galvanized mesh box


7. Josty Convertible

Suitable for cats and dogs. Convenient entry from the top and front possible.

8. Karlie Smart Top De Luxe

Smart Top De Luxe is a robust dog transport box made of nylon, which is particularly stable due to an integrated metal frame reinforcement. With the box, the dog has a familiar place of retreat everywhere, whether at home or on the road. Thanks to various useful details, the handling of the box is very comfortable. It can be folded to save space and easily taken anywhere. The assembly is quick and easy. Carrying handles make it easy to lift and carry the box, anti-slip feet ensure a safe stand. The nylon material used is hard-wearing and easy to clean. If necessary, it can simply be brushed off or cleaned with a damp cloth. Generous ventilation windows guarantee good air circulation and allow the dog to observe its surroundings. The side windows can be opened with a zipper. A side pocket offers space for accessories. The box is also supplied with four ground pegs for fastening during outdoor use, a carry bag and a reclining blanket. 

9. Trixie Friends on Tour

10. Petkit Breezy 2 Smart Cat Carrier

The PETKIT Breezy 2 Smart Cat Carrier is the perfect way to keep your cat or puppy safe and comfortable while you are on the go. The backpack features an intelligent fresh air system with mesh panels and multiple ventilation holes to ensure that your pet will enjoy great air circulation. The wind speed inside the backpack can be precisely controlled by mechanical buttons. The brightness of the built-in lights can also be adjusted manually, so that your resting pet will not be disturbed when resting, allowing your pet to see its surroundings, or to simply help you check on your pet. With a durable waterproof outer shell made of lightweight materials, this backpack is easy to carry and will keep your pet dry on a rainy day.