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1. Karlie Outdoor Cat Tree IV

The Karlie Outdoor IV cat tree is a cat tree and sleeping place combination that not only impresses with its trendy design, but also with its functional design. The weatherproof and easy-care material processing of polyrattan and plastic sisal makes the cat tree the perfect piece of outdoor furniture. The textile elements of the furniture are ideally equipped against external influences. Dirt and moisture cannot harm the cushion in the lying basket and on the levels. However, the special treatment of the fabric does not affect the soft feel of the textile or the lying comfort for the cat. The cat tree offers the cat several scratching posts for extensive claw care as well as several lying places for sleeping, dozing and watching. A cave serves as a retreat for an undisturbed nap. Thanks to the elements placed on different levels, the furniture is also ideal for climbing. A small toy with ball and feather on a thread also invite you to play. 

Karlie Outdoor Cat Tree IV (160 cm, Dgrey)
Cat trees
208,95 EUR

Karlie Outdoor Cat Tree IV

160 cm, Dgrey

2. Nobby Scratching post MOTEGA

- The cat tree Motega stands on a base of 48 x 48 cm and is 141 cm high. - The processed material is water hyacinth and the sisal trunks have a Durchmeser of 9 cm. - He also convinces with different plates both with and without edge and a cave. 

Nobby Scratching post MOTEGA (141 cm, Light brown)
Cat trees
only 1 piece on sale
122,09 EUR was 163,98 EUR

Nobby Scratching post MOTEGA

141 cm, Light brown

3. Karlie Lisa

4. Trixie Boho

Stimulate your cat's natural instincts in a fun and safe way with the Boho scratching post by TRIXIE. Practical scratching post: The scratching furniture with jute scratching surface benefits both cat and owner by providing a place for your pussycat to indulge its scratching instincts. Sturdy base: This modern cat tree with cat bed offers your kitties a stable place to sharpen their claws, play and rest. It has a thick, heavy base. Comfortable cat bed: For rest, play and exercise! Your cats can spend all day in the top cat bed. It is covered with soft polyester plush.

Colour: beige | Material: jute and polyester | Size: 50 x 83 cm (diameter x H) | Cover of the upper cat bed: Excellent fabric (cotton and jute) | Cat bed lining: 300 g/m² polyester plush | Pillar diameter: 14 mm | Diameter of the jute rope: 6 mm | Removable, cosy bed (hand washable) | Thick, heavy base | Easy assembly

5. Designed by Lotte Elora

The beautiful pieces of furniture follow current trends and are made of natural materials. Since they are made from real tree trunks, no two trunks are alike. The wooden cat tree has two platforms from which the cat can keep an eye on everything or simply take a nap. They are provided with a cover (Aviva) or a cushion (Elora and Jazz) and offer a pleasant lying comfort. The cushion covers on the Elora and Jazz models are removable by means of a zipper and can be washed at 30° C in the washing machine. Thanks to the play rope, the cat tree also meets the cat's playing needs. A cat tree of this series is not only fun for cats, but is also an enrichment for any interior. A real eye-catcher! 

Designed by Lotte Elora (100 cm, Brown)
Cat trees
149,90 EUR was 194,17 EUR

Designed by Lotte Elora

100 cm, Brown

6. Trixie Scraper board

The Trixie Crabboard box with 2 balls is an original crabboard with two balls for additional attractiveness and fun. In this way, your cat will tend to scratch the scratchboard, not your furniture! The scratch board has a triangular shape and a beautiful wooden look. The shelf itself is made of cardboard enriched with catnip. Inside the scratchboard there is a track where two balls have been inserted that your cat can play with by tapping them back and forth through the shape. In this way Trixie combines crabs with games and your cat won't get bored! 

Trixie Scraper board (5 cm, Brown)
Cat trees
only 3 of 4 remaining on sale
9,29 EUR was 10,90 EUR

Trixie Scraper board

5 cm, Brown

7. Trixie Cat Tower Jorge

Trixie Cat Tower Jorge (78 cm, Grey, Blue, White)
Cat trees
126,24 EUR

Trixie Cat Tower Jorge

78 cm, Grey, Blue, White

8. Feandrea Kitty

Your feline friends need a cosy home to play, nap or romp in; this cat house is sure to be their dream come true. Spacious home and plush hammock provide a luxurious nap experience; upper perches with raised edge allow your cat to rest on its head while watching over the house. 

Feandrea Kitty (164 cm, Gray)
Cat trees
62,99 EUR

Feandrea Kitty

164 cm, Gray

9. Karlie Scratching mat

The scratch protection mat with a robust sisal surface can be easily attached to furniture using the Velcro fasteners. For example, you can quickly and easily turn a table leg into a scratching opportunity for your house cat. The mat is very easy to attach and remove without any further accessories. If the mat is not needed, it can be stored space-savingly until the next use. And of course the mat can also be spread out flat on the floor. 

Karlie Scratching mat (0.80 cm, Beige)
Cat trees
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5,63 EUR was 8,14 EUR

Karlie Scratching mat

0.80 cm, Beige

10. Karlie Banana Leaf III

Karlie Banana Leaf Kratzbaum Paradise - a rediscovered natural material. In many cultures, this material is an integral part of everyday life. Banana Leaf (leaves) embody nature in a unique way. The leaves are shaped by nature and woven into solid scratch furniture in artistic handwork. The lower cave has a small opening and is especially good for hiding, e.g. if one of several cats wants to withdraw. The upper cave has a large opening for an open view. In addition, the Karlie Banana Leaf cat tree paradise with 2 free lying areas and the roof of the lower cave offers a lot of space for lying and jumping around. Your pet can scratch the extremely robust, durable trunk to its heart's content. The dangling toy encourages new attacks over and over again. The cushions included in the delivery are washable up to 30°C. 

Karlie Banana Leaf III (158 cm, White, Beige)
Cat trees
281,27 EUR

Karlie Banana Leaf III

158 cm, White, Beige