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Bosch Hausgeräte KIL72AFE0

Bosch Hausgeräte KIL72AFE0

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5 reviews

  • DonnieD

    9 months ago
    purchased this product

    Old technology at high price with design flows

    Only had to buy this fridge because it was the only one available on the market today that fits the built in design of the kitchen. Overpriced peace of junk is easily overshadowed by the far east frost free counterparts at probably less than half the price. Avoid at all costs, unless you are forced into replacement because of the kitchen design. 


    • No temperature control of the freezer compartment
    • Below the average technology of other much cheaper brands
    • Freezer compartment goes at below -30 with fridge at 4C
  • Siliphant

    1 year ago
    purchased this product

    Cool thing

    We have been using the fridge for 1.5 months now and are completely satisfied. It is so quiet that you practically can't hear it. The layout is practical; perhaps one more shelf and one less drawer would be more practical. The freezer compartment is surprisingly cold: the thermometer shows -20°C.
    The low power consumption was a positive surprise: at the set temperature of 7°C, the fridge consumes only about 113 kWh per year (measured with a myStrom adapter) and not 174 kWh as advertised. Great - it consumes 3 times less electricity than the old fridge.
    If you have some manual skills and are not afraid of an installation manual (in the style of a more complicated IKEA piece of furniture), the Do It Yourself installation is definitely recommended. The instructions are conclusive and the necessary materials are included.
    Conclusion: The price-performance ratio is right, the quality too, and as a replacement for an old energy guzzler, the fridge is definitely to be recommended.


    • Economical
    • Quiet
    • Price-performance
  • Anonymous

    2 years ago
    purchased this product



    • Quick assembly
    • Punctual workers
    • Produnkt i.o.
    • Price


    • Only installed by the supplier after 10 days
    • for a refrigerator planning it took 8 days
    • After 3 calls to the installation company, I finally got an installation date.
    • would be delivered with front door according to the offer, but unfortunately this was not the case
    • EU plug in 2022
    • Energy efficiency E
  • lucienloye

    2 years ago
    purchased this product

    Not the right grip


    • Delivered with a euro plug and no Swiss plug adapter included!?!
  • Heini49

    2 years ago
    purchased this product

    What I wanted


    • Fully complies with