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Mini sewing machine Łucznik Lena 2019 - introduction to the magical world of sewing! The miniature sewing machine Łucznik Lena 2019 was created for children who dream of their own sewing machine. It has a special protection against puncture in the form of a cover surrounding the needle on all sides. Thanks to this, it is as safe to use as possible, and you, as a parent, can be calm about the condition of your child's fingers. The Lena 2019 machine is also distinguished by the simplicity of use, which makes it friendly and very easy to learn to sew. Basic operation modes - zigzags and straight stitches are regulated with a single knob. It is impossible to get lost! Each of the stitches performed is illustrated on the casing so that you can quickly orientate in them. To activate the mode, simply set the selected number on the dial. Sewing with Lena 2019 can be done without a foot controller, thanks to the possibility of controlling the slider on the machine housing. It enables slow or slightly faster automatic sewing - i.e. the machine sews itself. This mode is easier for beginners in sewing to learn, as it does not require training in hand-foot coordination. Lena 2019 also allows you to connect a miniature pedal and turn on the foot control. Thanks to this, it is an ideal introduction to sewing, gradually getting used to the operation of an "adult" machine. The Lena 2019 machine is smaller than full-size, classic machines, which makes it light and easy to store. The transport of the machine is facilitated by a convenient carrying handle. It is also equipped with a mini drawer for accessories, which includes: additional bobbins, threads, needle threader, foot for sewing a buttonhole and a spare needle. The Lena 2019 mini sewing machine is perfect for children. Despite its size, it is suitable for the first simple tailoring tasks, such as sewing pillows or doll clothes from basic materials. It enables the development of a hobby and is the perfect gift for any creative child. The sewing machine will not only provide long hours of great entertainment, but also support the development of fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, a sense of aesthetics and imagination. If your child dreams of becoming a designer or designer, or loves to watch you at the machine, the Lena mini machine 2019 will surely bring him great joy. It will also be a perfect idea to spend a rainy evening together - with the art of tailoring in the lead role! The Łucznik machine works best with fabrics of a simple structure and small thickness. On the side of the device there is a thread cutter in the form of a slot, in which the thread can be inserted to cut it to the desired length. The cutter in Lena 2019 is protected with a special cover that prevents it from being touched.

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