Dönges Horse riding dummy Pferdinand

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The training dummy Pferdinand is perfect for breaking in young horses. Through the gentle and harmless approach of this kind of breaking in, the horse is slowly accustomed to the rider in the saddle. The innate instinct to avoid danger from above is countered by a gentle adaptation and familiarisation.
Pferdinand is made of strong nylon material. It has attached loops on both legs and the hips, which allow easy attachment to the saddle and stirrup.
We recommend the following filling:
From the torso down, our Pferdinand should be filled with heavier materials such as oats or similar concentrate to take advantage of the gravity of the legs pulling the puppet down. In addition, the ends of the legs are attached to the saddle.
The upper part of the body should be lightly stuffed with e.g. bubble wrap. The arms have loops at the front end, so that they can easily be fixed to the saddle with the Maria-Hilfs-Riemen. At the loops around the hips, a fixation can also be attached, which is connected to the saddle.

- Robust material for the toughest use.
- Detachable inside for better distribution of the filling materials.
- Variable in the weight filling
- Easy storage and transport due to weight variation
- Double stitched arm and leg ends
- Loops on the feet and hips for easy attachment to the saddle
- Uncomplicated attachment to the saddle possible

Scope of delivery:
1 piece riding dummy Pferdinand (unfilled)

Technical data:
Size: 180 cm
Weight: 680 g

Item number: JD220850-INST
Shop number: 139528.

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