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spirella Move

spirella Move

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4 Star ratings

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  • lionel.u

    16 days ago
    purchased this product

    simple and effective

    What's more, the soap outlet hole faces downwards, so you don't get sprayed when soap has dried on the product outlet.

  • czbalazs

    18 days ago
    purchased this product

    Not the prettiest soap dispenser, but super practical

    Would definitely buy again


    • Transparent, so it’s easy to notice if it has to be refilled soon
    • Super easy to clean
    • It’s made of plastic so won’t break
    • Opening is a bit larger than usual so it’s easier to refill
    • Dispenses the ideal amount of soap
  • powerblue

    11 months ago
    purchased this product

    Trendy and timeless design

    Attention, not really white, but white transparent ...