Cable ties

Within our expansive range of cable management solutions, customers will discover an array of cable ties designed to streamline their workspace and simplify their organizational needs. This range includes a spectrum of cable ties from leading brands such as InLine, Delock, LogiLink, Max Hauri, and Hama, which are revered for their reliable and high-quality products. Each brand brings its best-seller to the fore, from InLine's practical mounting bases, Delock and LogiLink's sturdy cable ties, to Max Hauri's versatile offerings, and Hama's user-friendly velcro cable ties. Whether you require a durable fix or a flexible tie that can be reused, our selection caters to every need.

When choosing the ideal cable tie, the most significant property to consider is the material group. Our collection prominently features fabric cable ties, appreciated for their soft grip and adjustability. Filter by this characteristic to find cable ties that are gentle on the wires yet provide a secure bundle. Fabric cable ties are particularly valued for their reusability and propensity to prevent cable damage. Whether for home-office organization, bundling AV cables, or managing computer wiring, these cable ties present a tidy solution. For those who prioritize sustainability, the fabric options offer an eco-friendlier alternative. Look for these details under product specifications to find the cable tie that aligns perfectly with your organization goals.