Cushion boxes

Cushion boxes are an excellent solution for anyone looking to declutter and enhance their outdoor living spaces. These practical storage units are designed to protectcushions from weather elements and keep patios or poolside areas organized. They're an ideal choice for homeowners who take pleasure in entertaining outdoors and require a discreet way to store cushions when they are not in use. Not only do they offer protection for soft furnishings, but they can also double as additional seating or a surface for holding trays and decorative items.

When selecting a cushion box, it's important to consider the material and size that will best suit your needs. The material group, typically metal for maximum durability, is a key property to focus on. Metal cushion boxes provide sturdy, weather-resistant storage, making them a practical choice for gardens and outdoor areas exposed to the elements. The width of the box, often around 101cm, is another significant feature. This size is spacious enough to accommodate multiple cushions yet compact enough not to overwhelm your outdoor space. When browsing, use these properties to filter options, ensuring you find a cushion box that fits perfectly in your desired spot while providing the capacity you need.

Our online shop boasts a collection from reputable brands offering a variety of cushion boxes to meet different preferences. VidaXL's popular 'Garden box' is valued for its robust construction and aesthetic appeal. Keter's 'Rockwood' offers an impressive balance of style and functionality, often highlighted for its spacious design. Deuba's 'Cushion chest XXL' is another customer favorite known for its larger storage capacity, accommodating an array of cushion sizes. Biohort impresses with its 'LeisureBox 200, dark gray metallic', which stands out for its sleek design and color that suits a modern garden palette. Gardebruk's 'Cushion box' is known for its versatility and ease of assembly. Each of these brands offers distinct benefits, and our selection includes options to fulfill a variety of storage needs and style preferences.